The world of a graphic designer can become a fantastic profession by always following proper training as well as advice from professionals.

As every year, thousands of young people leave the institutes wondering what to study and which career path to choose. It is that crucial moment in our life when we ask ourselves what is the next step we want to take and what will become of our existence in the coming years.

Graphic Design, a good option

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Among the many creative professions that we find in the labor market, one of the favorites and the most in-demand is that of graphic designers. These words are intended for lovers of colors, shapes and also typefaces, perhaps to help them with our experience to make a better decision.

DesignEminent has more than ten years of experience in the graphic and web design sector and has tried almost all areas: its own design studio for years covering professional and business logo design services for corporate business, companies, app design, web development…

Many will ask: what is a graphic designer and what does he do?

Also known as communication design, graphic designers are visual communicators who create concepts by hand or using dedicated illustration and design programs like photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, or affinity, and for what purpose? convey a message.

With just two tools designers can start their careers. A good computer (either laptop or desktop, mac or windows, but always with a powerful graphics card and a good processor).

Designers communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate consumers through both physical and virtual art forms that include graphics, words, and images, and their ultimate goal is to make the companies they work for recognizable and accepted by users.

The work carried out by the graphic designer is quite extensive, especially and depending on the field to which we want to dedicate ourselves, working for brands doing logo design, brochures, flyers, business cards, digital or traditional illustration, creation of multimedia content such as videos, photographs or animations …

How can you become a graphic designer?

There are two ways and you can choose the one that best suits your tastes: Study or be self-taught.

Firstly, the career of a graphic designer is not always determined by his studies, but skill, creativity, and technique play a fundamental role. Obviously, all acquired knowledge is a plus.

We are of the firm belief that anyone can be a good graphic designer, and no, it does not have to do with the fact of only managing some of the most common programs dedicated to design. A good designer is not born, it is done.

Based on trial and error, of many hours carefully observing the work of colleagues, of whole days faced with the loneliness of a Tablet and a screen, of magazines specialized in the design, conferences, talks, videos, designing a and again the same logo until you like it.

However, even if there are many successful self-taught students, the fact of choosing a good school or study center is going to favor that we can achieve a successful career since the knowledge acquired (as long as our teachers know how to transmit it to us) will lay a good foundation as designers that we can use throughout the whole of our working life.

In conclusion, even if you are a self-taught person … study! why? because it will pave your way.

Routine and consistency as factors of success

Despite being a job in which in many cases we are our own boss, this can become a problem, especially if we are not serious, constant and methodical.

The freedom of schedules as a graphic designer allows us to travel and schedule our day to day as we want but also makes us slaves of laptops and graphics tablets to carry our work with us. However, it is a reasonable price to pay if we can work from anywhere in the world, don’t you think?

Must be an artist in constant learning and adaptable to change

Becoming a graphic designer is not a quick and easy task, it is a profession that is achieved in the long term and in which we must continually cultivate and train as artists and creatives. This sector, in constant change and transit, forces us to change our style and adapt to new times. Therefore, being versatile and adaptable to each era will open up a world of possibilities.

Discover, research and create

Studying styles and artists of past times will be other tips to follow. Although you may believe that everything is invented, our style is created from the tastes and preferences that we have acquired from some artists and others. Knowing old sources of creation or little-known designers will nurture our creative ” I ”.

Ten tips to be a graphic designer

1) Unless you want from your heart, never do a job without pay. There will be many times that you will be tempted not to charge for your work and it will be because you are afraid to put a price on yourself. You have to be aware of it and work on how it is valued.

2) Escape from customers who tell you to work for them for free in exchange for recommending them to your friends. It’s going to happen to you more times than you can imagine.

3) Create your own work style. For this, you will have to copy a lot, work a lot, and make a lot of mistakes.

4) Before submitting a job, get out of your chair and take a walk, and when you look at your work again, if you still like it, you can send it. There is nothing more detrimental to the quality of your design than staring at it for hours.

5) Become an expert in making presentations of your own work. Design is not perfect until the customer has said it is not. Don’t forget that the design is made up of three parts: planning, execution, and presentation. Planning is important, the design process is important, and the presentation is perhaps even more important. In a nutshell … sell what you do!

6) Learn to collect. If you think something will take half an hour, charge an hour. In the end, between some things and others, it will take an hour and a half.

7) Don’t just have one customer. Don’t have a million. Find the balance.

8) Do not waste time for hours and hours in discussions with your client about whether their design is good or not, each one has different ways of looking at the world. You make the best design you can, then use good arguments to present it, but remember: it is the customer who chooses.

9) Have the best portfolio you can, always updated.

10) Enjoy your work, because creativity can give you more pleasure than you imagine.