The trend of fashion nowadays is influenced by a soft tone of colors. It mixes and matches earth colors to the shades of muted pastels like gray, ecru, and nude. This way of styling expresses the idea of simplicity and how to make less look more. It gives a perspective of quiet beauty to the subtle approach to styling. 

With this minimalist approach, the accessories also get toned down to match the softer play of colors. However, it still appreciates a touch of elegance like silver, two tons of gold, or grey. And watches will always be a perfect fit for this preferred adornment. Here are some of the minimalist friendly Rolex watches that speak of simple, subtle yet classy chic.

1.   Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34mm Automatic Silver Dial

These types of Rolex watches are the best fit for the ladies who want to glam minimally. They can put on their soft nude collar blouses then add a touch of sophistication through the stainless steel finish of this watch. With its round case comfortable to the wrist in 34 mm diameter, this watch is a silent whisper of elegance.

With a silver color dial, this watch also speaks of simplicity because its gold is softly polished to add an excellent luminous attraction to its overall look. There is also an assurance of durability since the watch gets made of a solid back casing. It gives its users less worry about possible damage caused by water because it is water-resistant proof up to 100m.

2.   Rolex New Model 2020 Oyster Perpetual 41mm Automatic Black Dial

Most men find comfort in a minimalist fashion set up. They can wear jeans with a white shirt in their everyday casual encounters or a plain straight polo shirt in trousers for a dash of formal sleek. Whichever image they wish to project, a watch can also conform to this comfort but adds only distinctive subtle awe to the simple ensemble.

As a new model for the year 2020 for men, this watch sets the phase to entice this minimal get up. It comes in the hue of stainless steel from its casing to this watch strap’s intricate details. The superior creativity of luminous finish for the minute and hour hands gives this watch its distinctive silent beauty.

The watch that is worth a dime is the class’s character by its black dial color feature. It is durable enough with its round shape and solid back finish. It makes this watch a posh add on to the nude colors of minimalism. With functionality at its best, too, this watch is water-resistant within the limits of 100 meters. 

3.   Rolex Datejust 31 Automatic Chocolate Diamond Dial 18kt Everose Gold Jubilee

A ladies’ watch as this watch project itself is a friend of gold and diamond combination that entices even the simple class styling in women. The entire dial of this watch gets a lovely touch of its brown color. It has indexes that refine the gentle class in Roman diamond numerals. 

The case of this watch gets a gentle grandeur gold material perfectly matched in stainless steel. Its watch hands also get a soft touch of Everose gold. This color tone perfectly beautifies the black and white clothing ensemble of minimalist clothing. A watch of precision as it is also water-resistant and has a power reserve capacity of 55 hours.

4.   Rolex Datejust 31 Stainless Steel Automatic Grey Dial

A chic minimalist style will never go wrong when this watch gets to adorn this classy but straightforward fashion style. The color of this watch dial is a shade of muted color of grey. It gets finely curated in a polished finished, which creates a touch of simple vibrance to a minimalist dressing up overall attractiveness. 

Its casing’s stainless steel texture goes hand in hand with the luminous fill character of its indexes and hour markers. With Rolex watches high adherence to quality, this watch gets designed with a solid back and a round case. It also boasts of its functionality to resist the damage of water within 100 meters.

5.   Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 Stainless Steel Automatic Silver Dial

The watch perfectly suits both men and women to its natural minimalist chic beauty. This watch with silver dial and is durable with its round shape fits that simple encounter of a subtle loveliness. This watch’s strap is in a texture of Oyster steel, complimenting perfectly the entire stainless steel character of its casing.  


Indeed there is beauty to simplicity, and this is what minimalist styling wanted to highlight. That a less and soft tone assemble of colors, texture, and shapes of clothing can also impact image. It is where Rolex watches do magic by enhancing this minimalism approach and put on a mindset that the simple can be made chic and fabulous.