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Here are the steps to connect the wires between the router and the wireless devices

  1. Remove the plug from your modem and insert the battery if it uses it, then plug in the modem back.
  2. Now, take the Ethernet Cable and connect the modem to the Internet port on your router. In case your router doesn’t need a modem, connect the main cable to the Internet port of your router.
  3. Now take the power adapter and plug it into an outlet. Press the Power button located on the front panel of your device. The Power LED of your router will turn solid green when your device will be ready for use.

How to return the Netgear AX4300 Wi-Fi router into its default settings?

The user usually performs the Reset Process whenever the device is filled with the corrupt data or whenever the data inside the device gets exceeded. The Reset method is considered as the prominent process to enhance the efficiency level of the router. By the way, WI-FI 6 (802.11 ax) is finally here which is better than 5G.

Steps to restore the default settings into the router.

  1. Turn back your router and locate the Reset button behind the panel of your device.
  2. Use a needle or paper clip to press the button for at least ten seconds.
  3. Release the button and as soon as you will do it, the LED of the router starts blinking which shows that the reset process is a computer. 
  4. After the process, the router will automatically restart. The process will take around two or three minutes.

.How to automatically setup your Netgear AX4300 Wi-Fi router?

While connecting the network through wired or Wi-Fi connection, the user can use a browser to control, access, or change the application within the router. After connecting to the router, the software within the device will automatically verify whether your router can connect to the Internet server or not. While performing Netgear Router Setup, the user can either use a browser to perform the Netgear Router setup processor can perform it through Automatic Internet Setup. Before Netgear Router Setup, the user has to get the ISP information and make sure that the device or the computer within the network is using the described settings. 

Steps to perform Automatic Internet Setup on your Netgear AX4300 Wi-Fi router

  1. Before performing Automatic Internet Setup, make sure that your router is powered on.
  2. Your mobile device or computer should be connected to the router with any of the connections. If during the setup process you want to change the Wi-Fi settings you need to use the wired connection to avoid the case of getting disconnected suddenly.
  3. Now, open a browser. The page that is going to appear on your screen depends on whether you have performed the Netgear Router setup process before or not. The first time you set up the connection for your device, it will be redirected to the configuration page. In case, you already have set up the connection type on the address field to initiate the installation process.
  4. Follow the instructions on your screen and the router will get successfully connected to your network.
  5. In case, the browser doesn’t display the Netgear assistant, then make sure that it should be connected to the Ethernet ports of the router. Also, make sure that your device is receiving the power and the Power LED is lit.
  6. Close and again open the browser to clear the cache of the browser.
  7. If your device is set to a fixed or static IP address, change it to the address that obtains automatic access from your router.

If your Router doesn’t get connected to the network

  1. Review the settings done by you. Check that you have selected the options correctly and have typed everything correctly.
  2.  Contact the Internet Service Provider to verify whether you are using the correct details or not.

How to set up the Security Event Mail notification feature in your Netgear R6300 Router?

To enhance the efficiency level of your router and at the same time bring convenience to you, Netgear added Event Mail notification characteristics in their router. The feature is responsible for sending you the update and the activities done by the anonymous users on the web interface of your The logs of this Security Mail notification records activity and any suspicious events such as an attempt on opening restricted websites or entering the web interface of by an unauthorized user. The email registered during the setup procedure of this feature will be that same mail-in which all alerts and logs will be sent. 

Steps to setup Event Mail notification feature in Netgear R6300 router

  1. Open a browser connected to your laptop or desktop whatever device you are using.
  2. Type or the IP address of your Netgear Router as the URL for your browser. While encountering any error regarding the attempt to get to the default gateway of the router, the user can switch any of them to reach that page.
  3. Press Enter and the Netgear Router login page appears on the screen.
  4. Fill up the login fields with their appropriate credentials. Type “admin” on the username field and mention “password” on the password field as a default credential. Click on the login tab and the home screen of appears on the screen.
  5. Select the Advanced tab, select the Security tab then click on the Email tab and the page of its displays on the screen.
  6. Select the checkbox of the “Turn on E-mail notification” bar to enable the Event Mail notification feature.
  7. Enter the name of your Internet Service Provider in the Outgoing Mail Server field and all the alerts will be sent. If you don’t know the details of your Internet Service Provider, in that case, you can visit the configuration window of the mail program.
  8. Now enter that mail address in which alerts and notifications are to be sent in “Send to this E-mail Address field”.
  9. If you want to provide authentication to your Outgoing mail server, select “My Mail Server” requires an authentication checkbox.
  10. Type the username in the username field that is going to be required during the authentication process, fill up the password field with the password for your Outgoing Mail Server.
  11. Select “Send Alerts Immediately” checkbox, to receive the alerts when anyone tries to visit the blocked websites. As soon as you select this checkbox, you will be alerted with the email immediately whenever someone tries to visit the restricted application or websites.
  12. The user also can send logs according to a schedule. To add a schedule you first need to select your Schedule type.
  13. Select the day from the Day menu then the time from the time menu. You need to mention the am or pm radio button to determine the morning or evening time.
  14. Click on the apply button and the settings will get applied.

How to monitor Internet traffic on your Netgear AX4300 Wi-Fi router?

Traffic metering in the web interface of allows the user to keep track of the amount of traffic passing along the Internet port. The user with the help of this feature can also set limits in the traffic surpassing along with the network. You can manage the internet traffic and set the data limits according to your will which enhances the control of your router and also increases its efficiency level.

Steps to monitor Internet Traffic on the Netgear AX4300 Wi-Fi router

  1. Open a browser within the computer or the laptop with which the Wi-Fi network is connected.
  2. Now, type or the IP address of the router on the web address bar of your device. While encountering an error with any of the URL’s the user can switch to the other to reach the default Netgear Router login page. The IP address of Netgear Router is or
  3. Press enter and the Netgear Router login page pops up on your screen.
  4. Type the default credential of username as “admin” and specify the password that you specified the last time while logging into the web interface. If you haven’t changed the default password since the Netgear Router Setup process, mention “password” as the default password.
  5. Click on the login tab and the home screen of the Netgear Router login page appears on the screen.
  6. Go to the Advanced tab, select the Advanced setup tab, then click on the Traffic Meter tab. As soon as you click on it, the page of it displays on the screen.
  7. Now to enable the Traffic Meter feature within your router, select the “Enable Traffic Meter” checkbox. 
  8. You can control the Internet traffic either through the connection control feature or through the traffic volume control feature. 
  9. Now select the volume control actions by selecting any of the options. 
  10. If the user chooses the “No Limit” option then no restriction will be applied whenever the limit of the internet traffic is reached. If you choose the “Download only” option, the restriction will only be taken to the incoming traffic. If you choose Both Directions option, the restrictions will be applied to both outgoing as well as incoming traffic.
  11. Select the connection time button and enter the hours for which it will be allowed in the monthly field. If the Internet Service Provider charges for making a new connection then enter the extra data amount in Round up figure for every Internet connection in their respective field.
  12. Go to the Traffic Counter section for setting up the counter to begin at a specific date and time. Click on the Restart Counter button to start the counter traffic immediately.
  13. You can also control whether a warning notification should be sent before the limit of Mbs and hours gets reached or not. By default, no warning message is being issued.
  14. The user can select the action whenever the data and time limit is reached. Whenever the limit is being reached, either you can select the Internet LED will blink or you can select the network connection will get disabled.
  15. Click on the Apply button. The statistics of Internet Traffic will help you to monitor internet traffic.
  16. You can update the traffic section by clicking the Refresh button.
  17. To get more details on the data traffic, you need to click on the Traffic Status button.

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