Security breach is something that we all dread when we go online. Whether you are simply browsing or are downloading some files, the chances of you getting hacked is high if you don’t have a protective layer of security installed. Here’s where the use of VPN or a seedbox comes into talk.

While there are several other ways to ensure your security and privacy online, VPN and seedbox are quite popularly known among the consumers. However, the bigger question that remains is “which one is better between the two?”. While many people prefer the use of a seedbox, there are several others that opt for the use of a VPN for an added layer of security.

If you are confused and don’t know which one is a better option to choose then below, we have outlined some pros and cons between seedbox and VPN. Continue to read for finding out the answer.

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a remote hosting server that is used for the purpose of torrenting activities. This server enables the torrent users with an added layer of security when downloading or seeding torrent files from online without the worry of being tracked.

Pros of a Seedbox

·          When using seedbox, your home IP address remains completely hidden therefore making your torrent activity anonymous online

·          Users are able to download or seed torrent files at an incredible speed

·          When downloading torrent files, seedbox does not uses your bandwidth

·          Users get huge amount of storage space right on this server and keep the downloaded torrent files as long as they want

Cons of a Seedbox

·          Seedbox can give you security and privacy only for torrent activities and not when browsing

·          Users are needed to download the torrent files twice. Once to the seedbox then an FTP download to the computer

·          It is useful only with the torrent trackers that are private

What is a VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is what can be termed as a user-friendly tool for security and privacy. A VPN allows encrypted internet connectivity through a tunnel that connects the user to another server. Hence, your real IP address remains hidden completely.

Pros of a VPN

·          It masks your home IP address therefore, making it impossible to detect by anyone

·          Encrypts your traffic when you are working over the internet

·          Remote clients are able to share files easily

·          Allows you to view content and do more defying any geo-restrictions

Cons of a VPN

·          The possibility of slowed down internet speed is likely to happen as now your traffic is sent through another server

·          Users are always needed to remain connected to a VPN for hiding their IP address

·          Not all VPNs work for downloading and seeding torrent files


From the pros and cons discussed above, we can clearly tell that while seedbox works well for the task of torrenting. On the other hand, VPN works well for the overall browsing experience. While both do the job of providing security for the users, the domain of protecting you from online threats is different. However, it must be noted that there are many seedboxes that come along with the installation of a VPN, hence, giving you the power of the two in one.