Several New Projects Are Being Performed In Dong Nai, Vietnam

Dongnaya People’s group has declared that it will finish 11 significant land projects by 2020, yet significant land organizations have additionally said they will finish more undertakings this year. This spurs and pulls in financial backers who come to begin a business in the Dong Nai territory.

Novaland Group is carrying out the Aqua City Urban undertaking in Long Hung Binh Hoa. The undertaking is based on 600 hectares of land and is separated into slopes, schools, sports clubs, jungle gyms and a marina. We as of now produce items for manors and houses that arrive at shoppers by 2021.

In the interim, Hong Tin has reported that it will dispatch the second period of the Bean Hoa New Town project in Binh Hoa. The region of this venture is 118.95 hectares. The organization has created in excess of 1,000 items, for the most part for manors and houses.

Another project urban project is ‘Son Tien urban and tourism land’ invested by Son Tien Ecotourism Company – a member of Suoi Tien Group of Ho Chi Minh City as an investor with a total area of ​​more than 180 hectares of campus. The project includes many work items, mainly ground land in Son Tien area, high-rise apartment buildings, and social houses. You can learn more about the ‘Son Tien urban and tourism land’ project by visiting the ‘ website.

As of late, as per the Dong Nai Provincial People’s Committee, in excess of 310 lodging tasks will be executed in Dong Nai County by 2020 with an absolute territory of 9,300 sections of land. The above projects incorporate an exchange plan from 2019 and another task executed for this present year. Task destinations are amassed in Non Chak, Long Tyne Commune and Binh Hoa City.

Amata City Long Than is deliberately situated on the banks of the Dong Nai River close to another interstate interfacing Long Tan Airport to Ho Chi Minh City later on.

Second Phase of Bean Hoa

Moreover, a few significant tasks in Long Thanh have been reported, including the Binson New Urban District (555 sections of land), FPT Dong Nai Higher Education Technology (314 sections of land) and the Binson Relocation District. (284 sections of land)

In the non-Chuck area, Non Chuck Investment will fabricate 753 sections of land of living space in Puten, Long Tung and Wintan. Rondan-Bhutan Urban Ecotourism Area (331 hectares), DeFok Urban Tourism Area (131 hectares), Rondan Residential Area (125 ha) and a lot more …

Rontin Urban Ecological Zone, contributed by Rontine Golf Business and a 300-hectare venture organization, is the biggest task in Binh Hoa. With a populace of around 19,000, the task covers in excess of 105 sections of land out of 118 sections of land with a day and a half greens, connecting houses, estates and blended houses.

Moreover, Himland Land Real Estate AG declared designs to build up a lodging project in Ben Hua by 2020 that will incorporate around 6,000 condos.

Dong Nai is an area with generally high lodging interest and lodging needs for approx. 1.2 million laborers. These are abroad specialists working in the modern areas of the state.

These are some projects developed and performed in the cities of Vietnam, and we expect these projects will improve soon.

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