We all need to build our own house or garden. Many of us are hesitant about which stone to use for our garden walls. There are many types of rocks, including lava rock and stone. Now decide which stone you will use to build the house. 

You can use stone if you want to reduce your costs. But if you want to enhance the beauty of your home or garden, then Lava Rock Stone is one of them. A lava rock wall will make your home or garden more beautiful. In this article, you will learn why or which stone to use for your needs.

Stone walls:

The most durable are the walls made of stone or ordinary brick. A stone or brick house will serve more than one generation of the owner. On the other hand, these materials are inferior to wood, lightweight concrete, or hollow bricks in heat engineering qualities.

Stone walls (brick and block) are durable, strong, and fire-resistant, have good sound insulation, but are massive and laborious to build, slowly warm up, but keep the heat for a long time.

Depending on the type of stone materials used, masonry is divided into natural and artificial stones. Natural materials include stone (limestone, sandstone, and dolomite). It can be ragged, irregular in shape, or bedded (has approximately two parallel planes). In terms of strength, the stone can be from 25 to 100 grades.

Artificial stone materials are solid concrete blocks (maybe with voids), usually made of lightweight concrete and clay bricks, fired, and sand-lime bricks.

How to build a stone wall?

Stone walls have been made for a long time. For example, in the Mediterranean, we found the remains of human settlements dating back to 1000 BC. C., where talents stand out, this is a rectangular stele with funeral purpose, flanked by low walls. Later, they will be built to protect the town, but today, they are also a wonderful decorative element.

Although they need work to build a stone wall, we hardly need anything, except for a few things we will tell you below. More importantly, they look great in any country-style garden, because they can take us back in time and even bring us closer to nature. Not surprisingly, the landscape has not changed much. Small animals such as lizards can take refuge in the stone holes.


Stone walls are usually made of local stone, ranging from limestone, flint, granite to sandstone. However, all kinds of stone in anti- weathering characteristics, easy cutting, seepage water, etc., are very different. Cut and processed stone is also called cut stone, and they are usually used in the corners of stone buildings. Granite has good weathering resistance, and some limestones are pretty susceptible to weathering. However, Portland stone, which is also limestone, also has good weathering resistance.

How to build Rock Wall:

Many people prefer lava rock, and this rock is used to build houses. You can use a rock wall to make your home beautiful. It is an easy task, and the Lava Rock wall will double the beauty of your home.

Step 1:

Decide in advance how many walls you want to build. It would also help decide whether you want to build a wall for your home or a garden. And depending on the location, you can use the Lava Rock Stone of your choice.

Step 2:

Choose a shovel according to your plan for laying the walls and dig a shallow hole. The hole should not be more than 10 inches and not more than one foot deep.

Step 3:

Place the largest of your lava rocks in the whole first and place the rest side by side. It can repeat this process many times until the rocks are rising above the surface of the hole.