Should You Relocate To Pennsylvania For Your Job

It is not an easy decision for many people to relocate for their jobs. This guide will help you make a decision if you have been offered a promotion/new job but with the condition of relocation.

 1. What To Consider Before Relocating For Your Job ?

Relationship obligations

Young single adults without children have more freedom to move for a job. Your independence means that your life is not affected. If you are in a relationship or married with children, your move will have a greater impact on others. Think about your partner’s career goals as well.

Company’s well-being

While the job might be all you desire, ensure that the company has a solid foundation so it can continue to exist for at least five more years. Are they financially stable? What is the sales picture? Dig out this information for your sake. It’s not worth moving your family to work for a company that may be gone in a few years.

Cost of living

The move is interpreted as a promotion. A promotion equals more money. There are many other factors to consider. For starters, there is the cost of living. Your salary will not matter if your living expenses rise. Do your research about the proposed area in Pennsylvania and find out how much of an impact a pay rise would have. Find out about the PECO utility rates there and compare them with other energy providers for better understanding.

Moving stress

Although it may not seem important, consider all the costs involved in moving. Renting is a good option, but you will need to ensure that you have a reliable source. Otherwise, you might end up living in rented accommodation until you get there.

 2. What’s Typically Included In A Relocation Package And What Should You Ask For ?

A relocation package may be offered to employees who are offered long-term employment that is more than 50 miles away from their current workplace. The relocation package usually covers reasonable moving expenses and any other related expenses. This helps to alleviate the family from the costly burden of relocation. A well-designed relocation package can provide peace of mind, incentives to accept the job offer and reflect positively on the company’s reputation as a source for top talent.

Below are some examples of typical features in a relocation package:

Services for complete packing and/or unpacking  

A moving company will pack the household belongings of employees, which saves time and reduces stress. The moving company staff unpacks the household items after arriving at their new home and destination.

Moving company services with affordable insurance  

It is important to insure your goods during a move. Moving charges are often based on the total weight of goods. Insurance for lost or damaged goods should not exceed their value.

Transport to the final destination  

Most relocation packages include reimbursement for transportation costs to transport you and your family to the new place.


Most standard relocation programs include at least one (preferably 2) company-paid house hunting trip of short duration for the purpose of giving the transferee and their family an opportunity to find new homes. This process may require expenses for transportation, lodging, childcare, and meals. 

 3. Tips For Your PA Move 

Pennsylvania is often referred to as “The Keystone State“, both for its economic and geographical reasons. Pennsylvania is a bridge between the Northeastern and Southern states, as well as the Atlantic seaboard and the Midwest.

A state of ‘firsts’

If anything amazes anyone about this incredible state, it’s the home to many ‘firsts’. Pennsylvania is the home of the very first computer, first automobile service station and the first newspaper. The first American flag, first police officer, first radio broadcast, first… This list could go on for days.

Most historical place

Pennsylvania was the first state to oppose slavery and the first to adopt an abolition law in the United States. We’re certain you know that Pennsylvania was the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed, marking America’s independence from Great Britain.

Affordable cost of living

It has a low cost-of-living and very low income tax. Pennsylvania’s real estate and rent prices are approximately 70% lower than New York City. This is a significant difference.

Proximity to NYC

This is what many people love about Pennsylvania. People love the freedom to drive to New York City and spend a night or two there, without the hassle of dealing with big cities.

High quality of life

Pennsylvania is home to some of the best universities around the globe, top-ranking hospitals, rich history, and four beautiful seasons (except for the freezing winter )… which all add up to a high-quality life.

 Bottom Line

It’s clear that Pennsylvania has much to offer anyone looking to move. PA offers everything from the majestic 11 mountain ranges to the lively lifestyle of urban living. PA offers many advantages, including strong healthcare and education systems, as well as plenty of opportunities for career roots to be planted.

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