DSLR camera or Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras are among the most popular cameras in India right now. They come with the versatility of lens interchangeability and the ability to see the original image through pentaprism. 

The quality of photographs captured with a DSLR camera is often among the best in the market. The camera price tends to be higher than compact cameras, and earlier professionals and serious amateurs used these cameras, but now with the advent of vlogging, they are being used by a larger audience. Let us look at the best DSLR cameras in the Indian market right now.

  • Nikon D5 – The flagship camera from the top brand Nikon, this is their top professional model. The DSLR camera features everything a professional wants, from awesome high frames per second to fast and accurate autofocus. The dynamic range and color reproduction are best in class. The camera is bulky and feels perfect when using either in studio settings or outdoors. The camera price is high, making it one of the most expensive DSLR cameras in India. 
  • Canon EOS 1DX Mark II – This is the flagship camera from this world-famous optical equipment maker. The camera is as proficient as the Nikon D5 in almost all aspects. It is safe to say that these two cameras are very similar as expected from the flagship cameras of the two biggest DLSR camera brands. The only thing that may put this slightly behind the Nikon is the color accuracy, where it has been noted that the reds and yellows look slightly stronger than natural. Focus, speed, ISO performance are similar in both cameras. The camera price is high. 
  • Nikon D810 – It is a camera for the largest of prints. Packing a massive 36.3 megapixels, it produces images of superior quality. This DSLR camera is equipped with a high-quality sensor and processor. The result is stunning images with excellent color details. The camera has a problem when compared with its peers like the Canon 5D Mark IV. It has a marginally slower autofocus system. The camera price is moderately high if we compare it with the flagships. It is also intended for professional users.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – The closest peer of the Nikon D810, this also packs a massive 30.4-megapixel sensor. The dual CMOS autofocus system helps it focus in an instant. It also provides a fantastic dynamic range, thanks to a recent firmware update. It gives 12 stops of dynamic range in low light conditions as well. The camera price is moderately high as this is also targeted to professionals.
  • Canon EOS 80D – When camera price is a deciding factor, and the user wants high-quality images, this is one of the best cameras to go for. It is an APS-C or cropped sensor camera to use a dual-pixel sensor, improving the focussing speed significantly. The image quality and dynamic range are also good because of the newer generation image sensor. The camera price for this DSLR camera is quite reasonable when taking its capabilities into consideration.
  • Sony Alpha A68 – Sony has entered the DSLR market late, but they have almost taken it with a storm. This entry-level DSLR camera is surprisingly good for its price. It has vibrant color reproduction, fast focusing, and decent shutter speed. For a budget DSLR, you can really ask more from a camera. This one targeted the amateurs and people who want to try out DSLR cameras for fun. The camera price is low as this is a budget camera. 

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