Nowadays, we witness the fast increase in industrialization which is considered as the main reason causing pollution in the air that harm our health as well. Therefore, by changing small daily habits, we can partly change our Earth to be a cleaner worth-living place for the current and next generations.

You can use these tips prior to putting your clothes into the laundry. As a result, you will have to invest less time, energy, and detergent to clean stubborn stains. In the long run, we will live a healthier life with the ones we love. So, let’s jump into the main content to know all about the laundry hacks to save time and our health.

Use Vinegar on Bedsheets

It’s common to have a stained bedsheet if you have kids in your home. Also, if the color of the bedsheet is light, it might get stained very quickly. In that case if you are going to add detergent in your washing machine, it is surely going to cost you a lot.

Instead, you should try using some vinegar on bedsheets that have stains. This way stains will leave the fabric easily and quickly. Then you won’t have to run the machine for a longer time. Also, it will save your detergent and energy too.

Sorting First

If you have a big family you might have experienced the pain of losing personal belongings. Other than this, sometimes some fabric leaves off their color or dye that stains the other fabric present in the laundry. Therefore, I have searched for a laundry hack for big families. You first need to sort out all of your clothes according to color and fabric type.

Also, you can sort them out according to each person. So, for instance, if you are currently washing your clothes, you need to sort your laundry first. After getting it done, move towards the laundry of a nother person that can either be your brother, sister, or even husband. Nonetheless, sorting your clothes is an important laundry hack for big families.

Treat Grease

Another simple laundry hack to help the environment and save money is to treat oily and grease stains first. This is one of the coolest laundry hacks to save time and energy. There are many ways to remove grease and oil from the fabric. But before doing so, you need to understand what kind of fabric you are going to treat.

You can also sprinkle some talcum powder on the oil or grease as it can absorb all the oil from the fabric. Moreover, you can also hand wash such items prior so it can save electricity too. There are many other ways to save electricity if you are using the appliances in the right way.

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Speedy Drying

If you think that dryer is costing you a lot and it’s taking your lots of time, you can have my next tip from laundry hacks and tips. Simply place a clean and dried towel in the dryer. This will quickly dry up your clothes.

If you are wondering how does it actually happen, I have the answer for you. A towel is made up of cotton. So, a dry towel or cotton actually have enough potential to soak or absorb all the water molecules from the surrounding. Hence it leaves no or least moisture in the dryer. This way it quickly dries up your clothes.