The digital era has eliminated the need of going to a book shop to purchase a magazine. Instead of this, magazines are accessible to readers in just a single click. Even the true readers subscribe to magazines to get to know about the latest updates. Moreover, you can launch a digital magazine for less than $200. Is not it great?

In this article, you can get a step-by-step guide on how to create a digital magazine. These five steps will help you to create and launch a digital magazine successfully. If you do not know how to create a digital magazine, contact ZINIY to design a jaw-dropping digital magazine for your business.

Step # 1: Choose a niche or business plan

The first step to create a digital magazine is to choose your niche. Design a business plan to grab the relevant audience. Decide how will you monetize your magazine? How will you establish a budget for your magazine? Will it bring potential audiences to your website or page?

Never start a digital magazine randomly. Select a niche, visit the websites of your competitors, read traditional magazines, go through relevant books, and analyze modern techniques to bring relevant traffic to your site.

Step # 2: Build a team of expert digital magazine creators:

All the leading digital magazines are running successfully because they have a team of expert digital magazine creatorswho filter visually appealing, compelling, and sharable content on the page. Art Directors, Writers, and Photographers are the three pillars of your team.

Besides them, the copy editor, proofreaders, managing editor, advertising person, and editor-in-chief help you in the execution, management, publication, and advertisement process.

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Step # 3: Choose the best software:

It is the wisest decision to launch a successful digital magazine. There many software to create digital magazines. Try to find the best software within your budget. You can choose Joomag, Pub HTML5, Flipsnack, ZINIY, Issuu, MagLoft, etc.

ZINIY offers excellent features such as 3D flip page effect, search articles by keywords, built-in email features, unique social sharing features, zoom in/zoom out feature, and many others.

Step # 4: Design your digital magazine:

The experienced magazine creators choose a stunning layout and graphic design for your digital magazine. Never ignore the importance to choose the best layout. Explore what kinds of layouts are preferred by your competitors.

Hire expert photographers to take high-quality focused pictures. Check the authentication of pictures received from other resources before posting on your digital magazine.

Step # 5: Create content and launch it:

Content is the king. Try to add short engaging content. Add message from editor-in-chief, short columns, interviews, short stories, tips, biographies, etc. Prominent faces always sell magazines. That’s why take interviews from leading personalities to boost your audience.

You can create websites, guest podcast appearances, advertising, press release, use social media support, or offer free samples to readers to market and launch your digital magazine.

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If you are a newbie and do not how to create a digital magazine, leave your worry to us. We will design the best digital magazine for your online business.