Steps to Plan your Ecommerce Website

Either theming or doing a full-scale build of your ecommerce site, an important part of the whole procedure is the planning. Planning a build before commencing can sometimes look tedious and tie-taking but it will make your execution a lot smoother and will save your time too. The article below will answer all your queries related to planning your ecommerce website:

What will be the purpose of your website?

Well, the basic aim of an ecommerce site is to sell something. So, you need to find ways to make it more compelling for your buyers to buy your products. In order to simplify the buying procedure for your customers, you should apply the three-click rule here. Yes, you want your customers to buy something from your site in just three clicks or maybe less. Anymore and they will give up. The UI of your site should be the major subject to plan about.

Who will purchase from you?

Another major aspect to consider is your audience. You should do thorough research about it to know who will buy your products as it impacts your website design.

Special features needed for your website

According to the product you are selling, you may need some ecommerce features that others don’t. For instance, a clothing store may need a refined search for color and height. However, an electronic store may not need these filters. If you want to provide your customers with coupon codes, then you should add features and functions accordingly.

Know your limitations

Everyone has limitations. Some of the limits you will encounter when building an ecommerce site are budget, technical obstructions etc. You may do all the hard work but remember everything is not possible.

The Right Tools

It depends on the amount of building you will do, but you will possibly need graphic editing software (such as Fireworks, Photoshop), web development application (Dreamweaver) and ecommerce management software (such as Magneto) and the major ingredients like web hosting and a domain.

Ecommerce platform you should use

You have innumerable ecommerce platforms out there and you should choose the one which fits your purpose. According to your knowledge and needs, you have several options to use. If you have a complete knowledge about ecommerce web design and development, then go for an open-source cart or make your own platform and if not, then choose hosted carts.

Some of the platform options are given below:

  • Magneto: It is the most known open-source carts to build an ecommerce site and is possibly the best free cart out there. It has some amazing specs like analytics integration, better customer service, better product filter search, several images for products and multiple payment options. It has also released a mobile e-commerce platform recently.
  • Shopify: Shopify is a simple to set up, manage and update hosted platform. You can start running your site in minutes. However, it lacks a few features in comparison to Magneto.

In case you want to customize your ecommerce site and build your own platform then you can approach EMG website developers. With their efficient knowledge, skill and proficiency, all the work will be worthwhile and you will have a well-developed site for you.

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