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Supermicro is a global technology-focused on transforming the world by transforming itself into a total solution provider and providing energy-saving servers that are environmentally friendly, AI, IoT, storage, and switch systems, services, and software. In addition, it aims at delivering advanced power, high volume motherboard, and chassis products.

Supermicro AI

Artificial intelligence seeks to improve technology using deep learning, which implements multi-layered artificial neural networks to achieve a gadget that can accomplish complicated tasks that current technology cannot. First, the neural network processes a large amount of data. Then the model is used to make decisions and predictions. Supermicro seeks to enable the end-user to deploy deep learning projects by offering the installation of a deep learning framework. This way, the end-user doesn’t require GPU programming. The frameworks include MxNet, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Caffe2, TensorFlow, etc. Supermicro provides a complete AI and Deep learning software stack, including frameworks, libraries, user access, and operating systems.

It also provides powerhouse computation, high-density parallel computing, increased bandwidth with NVLink, faster processing with Tensor Core, scalable design, and rapid flash Xtreme.

Edge computing

Intelligent edge computing can solve many problems brought about by an extremely high volume of data. Many emerging companies, factories, homes, neighborhoods, and cities embrace edge systems. The devices used are the keys to efficient and safe factories and environmentally friendly neighborhoods and cities. Distributed solutions empower smart cities operations and spaces, intelligent retail, and industry 4.0. Supermicro has put intelligent IoT getaways for the extreme edge, compact servers for mainstream installations, and high-performance Rackmount and wall mount systems to support intelligent IoT.

Rackmount servers

Supermicro aims to design the most superior and efficient servers. These servers include 

– Hyper – high-performance, enterprise servers that are G-edge and highly-configurable data centers

– Enterprise application flexibility with high performance

– cloudDC – a scalable platform for large cloud data center deployments 

– MP system – mission-critical applications and extremely large in-memory computing

– Max IO systems – IO-maximized and application-optimized space-constrained applications

– DCO – designed for cost and energy efficiency and data centers with the best performance

GPU systems – cost-efficient for AI and machine learning and HPC applications, and maximum acceleration), 

– Mainstream – volume servers for enterprise applications and versatile entry-level

– WIO – the widest variety of optimized IO servers in the industry

Supermicro storage solution

Storage solutions are evolving from premium-priced proprietary hardware into open industry-standard hardware, which reduces vendor lock-in and leverages new technologies like all-flash NVMe. Users can enjoy maximum efficiency, proven compatibility, performance, expandability, and mission-critical reliability. Scale-out storage solutions include Commvault, Intel, Osnexus, Qumulo, Red Hat, Rozo, Scality, Suse, VMware, and Weka.

Versatile Supermicro servers for enterprise server applications

The Supermicro servers are versatile in supporting vast enterprise server applications, with a rich selection of storage options, memory speed support, CPU, AOCs, TDP, and multiple-choice factors, including short-depth Rackmount and Rackmount, and tower. The servers use innovations such as mainstream application optimization and powerful yet cost-efficient systems. These servers are optimized for SMB, Head-node computing, web servers, virtualization, AI-Interference, cloud computing, and Enterprise servers. Product features include

– memory – up to 4TB DDR4-3200 memory, up to 16 DIMM slots, support Intel Optane memory 200 series. 

– Power – up to 1200W 

– Management – KVM with dedicated LAN, SUM, Redfish APIs, SPM, Open Industry Standard IPMI 2.0Intel Node Manager, NMI, SSM, Full Suite of Management Software Including Super Cloud Composer), 

– Drives Dual 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors 

– Input and output slots 

– Form factor – 1u, 2u and 4u Rackmount

Supermicro GPU servers

These are enterprise-class supercomputing and high-quality with extreme optimization for the most computationally intensive applications. The servers pioneered non-blocking GPU system architecture, up to 1/10th performance, 1/20th power consumption of the traditional CPU, and innovative applications optimized GPU system designs with unparalleled GPU density.

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