The biggest challenge in a moving process is to pack your stuff in an organized manner. Packing stuff for a national move is all the more daunting as you have to take the minimum possible with you. But you can definitely use some smart ways to make packing easier. You can follow the tricks given below to go through this hectic task and have a happy and satisfying move.


Packing is an important step but before you start packing, you should be sorted with the right moving company to get your stuff reach your new place safely. Decide the type of move first. There are various ways of moving including a DIY move, hiring a moving company, and hiring moving professionals who provide packing and other services too. You can decide your type of move by considering a few factors including your budget, your timeline, and the distance that you’re moving.

Research enough to find a reputable and reliable moving company which you can trust with your possessions. Read all the online reviews and ratings about the best national moving companies to have an idea about company’s services and reputation. 


You cannot schedule your packing before deciding a moving date so once you are sorted with the moving company, next thing you need to do is to decide the date and time for moving. You can also consider visiting your new place a few days prior to your actual move to have an idea of the place and how and where you will keep your belongings. This will also enable you to carry only the needed stuff along with you at the time of moving.Don’t forget to clean up your new home before moving and even your old home at the time of moving and check for any last minute items that you might have left behind.


Planning is the key to success so before you start packing your stuff consider taking inventory of all the stuff that you own. Make a list of the things that you own, that you want to take along and even the things that you want to get rid of. As you will be moving interstate, this list will help you in staying organized during the move and will also ensure that you don’t forget anything. You will be able to identify the stuff that you really need at your new place and what you want to remove and canbe left behind. For this, just move around your house and make two lists of all your belongings. Write down each and every item that you want to take along in one list and note down the things that you want to get rid of in another list.Consider categorizing each and everything room by room as this will simplify the packing process even further. Making a packing list will ensure you an easy packing thus moving.


Moving to a new place is the beginning of a new life and you should take advantage and use this opportunity to get rid of any unwanted stuff. Once you will make a packing list, you will be able to determine the stuff that you’re taking with you and the stuff that you are removing. To get rid of your stuff, you can organize a garage sale, recycle, and/or donate your stuff. 


If you’re hiring professionals for packing then they do the packing in no time. In fact they pack it very securely in a very less time. But if you are planning a DIY move and are going to pack yourself then you shouldplan it early and give plenty of time to packing process. Don’t just throw everything in boxes instead start early so that you can pack your things safely and properly. Don’t pack too soon either else you will stuck your stuff in boxes and suitcases for weeks. Plan everything properly. Pack the non-essentials first and essentials in the end.


Once you are sorted with the packing list, you are ready to start the packing process. As you havealready hired a moving company, organized and downsized your stuff, it’s time now to pack everything. Be sure to use right and enough packing supplies to keep your things safe. You can consider the following list of packing supplies that you may need to pack for a move:

  • Cardboard boxes and/or plastic bins
  • Packing paper 
  • Bubble wrap for the protection of fragile items
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent markers for labelling the packed boxes


Don’t just box up everything. Be sure that you personally transport your valuables including family heirlooms, important papers, things of emotional importance, legal documents, wills, passports, driving licenses, money cards and jewellery. Pack all these things in a separate bag and keep that bag with you all the time while moving. 

These are some of the best tips for packing perfectly for the national level move and ensure everything is safely packed and you do not leave anything behind.