Scanners are notoriously unreliable when it comes to capturing images. They were, at least, until the introduction of Fujitsu PaperStream capture technology. This technology emerged as a 21st century solution to the aforementioned problem, and it has since become the industry standard for clear and effective image scanning. The result is a scan that’s cleaner, with less background noise, distortion, and speckling. This is particularly important if you work in an industry that must capture and file dynamic documents on a regular basis. You don’t want files full of unclear, distorted images. Find out how PaperStream technology can help you achieve the results you seek.

What Exactly Is PaperStream Capture?

PaperStream capture is the superior option for scanning images, but its technology may seem mystifying at first. PaperStream is a software application that couples with the state-of-the-art hardware found in a Fujitsu high volume scanner to create a remarkably clear, hi-res image capture. The application itself works by taking the scanned image and eliminating the background noise and other textures that may compromise the quality of the image. You can achieve this by using the program’s preset processing profiles, or you can customize your own for results that meet your specifications. If you create custom presets, the PaperStream software can save them for future use, too.

The PaperStream Capture application is unique because it allows you to completely customize the results of your scan. If you work in an office that scans and files clients’ driver’s licenses, for example, you need to be sure that the image — and every piece of text — are easily visible in the scan. Other scanners may fail to adequately capture these details, but the PaperStream technology makes it easy to do so. You simply need to adjust the settings to ensure that the resulting image is clear and then save those settings as your default.

How Can You Benefit From PaperStream Capture?

There are an array of benefits that the PaperStream technology can offer, but perhaps the greatest is the minimized liability associated with clearer imaging. You might not think of a distorted document as a source of liability, but indeed, it can be. This is especially true if you find that you are scanning and filing documents that are not clear enough to be read when you need to discern the information they contain. You need scans that are clear and usable. That’s what the PaperStream provides.

Another important benefit of the PaperStream is the efficiency it offers. Many other scanning applications take minutes to produce a single scan, but thanks to its pairing with proprietary Fujitsu scanning technology, the PaperStream application can handle high-volume scanning and never fall behind. It can manage up to 50 pages per minute when paired with Fi products, and its capacity may be even higher when paired with other equipment. This benefit is particularly attractive if you happen to work in a setting such as education, health care, or the legal field, all of which require high-capacity and high-quality scans.