The Hottest Online Business Ideas During the Covid Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is like a “reagent” to know how the health of all around the world business community is doing? How quickly they react to the crisis, from which they also clearly see the strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities ahead. When the epidemic was pushed to the climax, many businesses took action for their survival.

Therefore, if you are flexible and ready to change in the game, you will understand the times and seize many opportunities. The following article is the “hottest” business ideas during the Covid-19 season for those with small capital, suitable for the epidemic season while still ensuring business ethics.

Online food business

Restaurants are closed according to the Government’s directive, people just stay at home and order food online to take home instead of going out. So why don’t we take advantage of this opportunity to try to practice making a certain dish or drink for business? Social networks and technology are becoming effective tools to help us easily do anything without needing too much capital. And if you are a skillful person, it is even more wonderful, right? So what are the steps to take?

  • Choose a dish or drink you can easily make at home
  • Search for recipes and how-tos online
  • Preparing instruments
  • Sell

A small note is that before deciding to sell a dish, ask a relative or friend to evaluate and comment on the finished product. It is extremely important to get the opinions of others in the food and beverage business. Because we can’t do business based on our subjectivity, can we?

Sales of functional and health-promoting products

Covid-19 is a new strain of virus, there are many mysteries that science has not been able to discover. Until now, doctors around the world still do not know where this virus comes from and have not found a vaccine to treat it. We receive new information every day from a variety of sources, emphasizing its dangers.

The number of infected people is increasing exponentially every day around the world. Even major political officials in the world, celebrities, and football players are infected with this virus. The fear of the people increased unceasingly. Therefore, people always give priority to buying functional products to improve health to prevent disease.

On the market today, there are many different types of functional products for you to choose from. Foods that support vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, etc. to enhance immunity are targeted by many users. These functional products can bring you certain profits and are not too complicated to do business with. You don’t need a lot of capital, as long as you know the origin as well as the quality of the products sold, you can work towards the business of these products.

Currently, functional products are being sold popularly on e-commerce sites, this is a great opportunity for you to do business. If you are a shopper, do not miss the discount codes and coupons available for business on the coupon sites to buy goods at the most favorable price.

Canned food at home

According to a survey just released by Infocus Mekong Research, e-commerce currently accounts for only 5% of retail value in 2019, so far 76% of consumers have shopped at least once within the past 3 months and reached the level of retail sales. growing more than 20% annually.

However, the COVID-19 epidemic is affecting shopping behavior, consumers want to stay away from crowds more, limit going to supermarkets, shopping malls, and online services will become increasingly popular. develop and attract more new customers to their services. Therefore, growth in this industry will have many breakthroughs in the coming time.

However, the report also points out that tourism – hospitality, retail, catering, and manufacturing – logistics are the sectors that are currently suffering major damage. Notably, businesses that are heavily dependent on the Chinese market are most clearly and severely affected.

Yoga Coach, Online Gym at home

If you are an experienced person in Yoga and Gym training, opening an online class will be an option worth trying. Yoga is one of the subjects that not only brings flexibility to the body but is also a source of energy to help you have resistance and strengthen the immune system. The gym is a sport that has been scientifically proven and recognized to have the ability to help people improve their health significantly. Therefore, if you are an experienced person in these two subjects, this is a very reasonable business plan during this epidemic season.

Online teaching

Currently, students and students are having a long vacation due to covid-19, especially in the context of the epidemic becoming more and more complicated, the absence from school maybe even longer. Many schools have been running online teaching programs for students to solve this long-term absence.

Trading in high-quality masks

In addition to hand sanitizer products, masks are a hot item on the market today, if not with huge consumption, it is becoming scarce in many parts of the world.

Many medical facilities and drugstores have sold out of masks in a short time, especially in the market, there are beginning to appear poor quality mask products, or smuggled masks, masks of no origin. then a high-quality mask will be a suitable choice for you.

At a time when the covid-19 pandemic is becoming more and more widespread and complicated, quality products will always be prioritized and accepted by consumers.

Business at home body hygiene products

Body hygiene products are also one of the items to be purchased during this very sensitive epidemic period. Covid-19 has made people pay more attention to daily personal hygiene. Therefore, body hygiene products such as hand sanitizer, face wash, mouthwash, etc. are always sold out.

Hygiene products are a hot commodity in the market today. The huge consumption in supermarkets and convenience stores has led to a shortage of supply in our country. Many shopping places, medical facilities, drugstores have sold out of hand sanitizer and mouthwash in a short time. The market has begun to appear body hygiene products of poor quality, pirated or non-originating products. The business of body hygiene products with high quality and clear origin will be the right choice for you.


In the current complicated epidemic situation, online business from home will be the trend to help people improve the economy during difficult times. Above are the hottest business ideas during the covid epidemic, wish you success.

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