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The Issue With Mobile Phone Addiction in Today’s Tech-Heavy Society

The usage of smartphones and other mobile is widespread in Finland and globally. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are affordable; no wonder the number of users is increasing rapidly. 

Additionally, the availability of cheap and stable internet connections has contributed significantly to the widespread use of mobile devices in the world. However, we cannot ignore the fact that mobile phone addiction is on the rise.

This article covers the issue of mobile phone addiction in today’s tech society and the solutions to help you change.

Effects of Mobile Phone Addiction

The following are adverse effects of excessive use of mobile phones:

Time Wastage

Many people, including children, the youth and old, spend many hours browsing their mobile phones. Much of the time is wasted following people and reading updates on social media platforms. That prohibits us from having a successful communication with people around us.

Kills Creativity

Excessive use of mobile phones has reduced people into robots. The level of creativity among the youth and children has dropped over the past few years. People now depend on technology and more so smartphones to do almost everything. 

Increased Health Issues

Mobile phone addiction has been associated with increased health problems in modern society. It affects people both mentally and physically. People addicted to smartphones often suffer from anxiety and chronic stress.

Affects Social Activities

Though human beings are social in nature, excessive usage of mobile devices is killing this aspect. People prefer communicating with people far away from them on mobile devices than their immediate neighbours. 

Erodes Relationships

Many families and relationships have been affected by the use of mobile devices. Our smartphones and tablets have replaced the openness and transparency that used to be in families. Many people spend more time with their mobile devices than with family.

Poor Work Performance

Mobile phone addiction has cost some people their good-paying jobs. Being unable to control when and how to use your phone can distract you and lead to low performance at your workplace.

How to Control Mobile Phone Addiction

There are steps you can follow to control or prevent excessive usage of mobile phones. If your addiction is caused by gambling, you can seek help from experts. Many Finnish online casinos have dedicated pages for responsible gambling to help people with addiction.

Though we’ve shared tips, the final decision solely depends on each person. So, here are simple things to do to end addiction:

  1. Track your daily mobile phone usage and create limits.
  2. Delete apps that keep you on your mobile device.
  3. Divert your attention with hobbies like singing, playing instruments, reading books, or swimming.
  4. Turn off your mobile phone notifications to reduce distractions.
  5. Be disciplined and practise self-control.


Mobile devices have their positive and negative sides. People worldwide depend on smartphones and tablets to facilitate their daily activities at work, school, home and more. The convenience of these devices is the reason many people are using them. However, mobile phones can be addictive if they are not used with discipline. The tips we’ve shared should help you control how you incorporate mobile devices into your daily use.

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