The worldwide success of Bitcoin today has led to the formation of many new cryptocurrencies. As a result, there are over 600+ coins in the crypto market, all trying to achieve the same heights as bitcoin.

Litecoin’s consistent success cannot be understated, it has quickly followed bitcoin’s success, and its popularity among many gamblers is slowly rising by the day. Moreover, with its recent fame among most bettors, Litecoin gambling sites are now the one-stop shop for many gamblers with the vast majority of games.

There are many cryptocurrency gambling sites in the industry today, each with specific characteristics. This article will discuss everything about LTC gambling sites and the games offered.

The Popularity of Litecoin in the CryptoMarket

Litecoin was launched in 2011, barely two years after the launch of bitcoin. ImCharlie Lee, who was a Google engineer, found this coin. Also, Litecoin shares so many features with bitcoin regarding design and its usability, but LTC is deemed faster with a reduced transaction processing time.

However, the main feature of LTC is that it is one of the most easily mined cryptocurrencies. It had a total supply of 84 million coins as of its release, but as of the mid-half of 2022, there are still 14 million coins left to mine.

Reasons to Bet on Litecoin Gambling Sites

There are many reasons why you should consider betting on Litecoin gambling sites. Some of which are

● Reduced Processing Time

Litecoin has never hidden the fact that it is one of the fastest digital currencies today. When making transactions on these Litecoin gambling casinos, the processing time is rapid, boasting quicker transaction times than that of Bitcoin.

Also, compared to traditional gambling sites that take a long while to process fiat currency transactions, deposits and withdrawals done with Litecoin are way more accessible and take less time. 

Therefore, this quicker transaction time benefits gamblers who don’t like leaving their profits on their account for a while. On the other hand, if you immediately like removing your winnings after every successful bet, then the Litecoin gambling site is best for you.

● Privacy 

Crypto gambling sites offer a high level of privacy due to their decentralised nature. For example, on Litecoin gambling sites, you can make transactions without the involvement of your banks or any fiat currency-related payment platform. 

Gamblers can easily gamble on these platforms without providing personal details like their name or credit card details. Therefore, this degree of privacy helps to protect the gambler from any stigma attached to gambling.  In addition, there is also an increased sense of safety attached to knowing your information and transactions are not out there for everyone to see.

● Low Processing Fees

Most Litecoin gambling sites take little or no charges when making deposits or withdrawals. However, the sites that charge fees take a very minimal amount for the transactions. 

The absence of third-party software that may add extra charges when making transactions reduces the transaction cost.

● They Are Less Volatile

Cryptocurrencies are volatile; Litecoin’s price has been relatively stable compared to other top coins, with constant progress over the years. However, bitcoin’s price has recently been less regular, with continuous dips and rises.

The reduced volatility of Litecoin is quite beneficial as gamblers can make extra profits on top of their winnings when the coin’s value rises.

Games to Play on Litecoin Gambling Sites

Litecoin gambling sites offer various games for players to choose the best. These games come with different benefits attached to them. Although many believe that playing with Litecoin might make you miss out on some of the top games, that is not true.

Most Litecoin gambling sites offer both sports betting and also casino gambling. With the popularity of casino gambling events, many Litecoin sites are now diversifying into the online casino industry. However, because of this feature, gamblers who bet in the casino and sports games are usually overwhelmed with the massive options. 

Sports games on Litecoin Gambling Sites

These sites offer the option of selecting the top sporting events to gamble on and various Leagues and competitions. These sports include:

● Soccer

This game is the most gambled-on sporting event worldwide; with its presence on over the seven continents, the population of people who know about the sport is large.

Aside from being the most popular sporting event, it has various leagues and competitions which any gambler can decide to stake on them. Furthermore, the rate at which these events occur regularly means there is always an available game to bet on, no matter the time.

● Basketball 

Crypto gambling sites allow betting on basketball events like the NBA, the most popular competition in the United States, amassing many supporters.

● Tennis

Gamblers have the option to choose from the four major grand slams on the calendar, and as well other competitions with Litecoin. Also, the odds attached to the tennis markets are very captivating, with high chances of profits. Other sporting events on Litecoin gambling sites are Hockey, boxing, UFC, and much more.

Casino Games on Litecoin Gambling Sites

There are many casino games on these sites, which are well arranged, and players can easily access them. These games include:

● Slots

These are very rampant in the cryptocurrency casino market. They are straightforward to play on these sites, and there are a lot of different slot games to choose from the top game manufacturers in the market today. Also, many of these slot games offer a selected amount of free spins.

● Roulette 

This casino game is quite a popular game in traditional casinos worldwide. Aside from the use of Litecoin, the gameplay has not changed.

● Blackjack 

The classic card game Blackjack is also available on crypto gambling sites. This game involves strategy and luck. In addition, other casino games like video poker, dice, and Baccarat are available.