The Most Popular Alcoholic Drink In The World

Some pubs out there like Gigi’s Hoxton offer a ton of options in their drinks menus. However, sitting here pondering the mysteries of life as well as the habits and preferences of human beings, I ask myself the question: What is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world?  To be honest, that question did not come from my inner voice.  The question came from a being far away.  I have no idea why the being wants to know what the most popular alcoholic drink in the world is.  Is there a survey being conducted to find the answer?  Am I being surveyed?  Am I being tested? Is there truly one answer to this complex question?  Will I be rewarded if I find the answer?  Isn’t it amazing how one simple question can spawn so many more questions?

I am a person who is fine with doing research.  I believe in research just as I believe in science.  I cannot see where this question of the most popular alcoholic drink in the world has a scientific basis unless there has been or will be a survey.  So I asked the internet.  I typed in this question:  Has there been a survey to find what is the most popular alcoholic drink in the world?  I regret to say the internet did not give me the answer I wanted.  It did give me several links that stated the most popular alcoholic drink in the world, but it did not mention surveys.  Also, the sites I investigated did not all agree.  One site proclaimed that the Margarita is the most popular alcoholic drink.  Another site proclaimed the Old Fashioned is the most popular alcoholic drink in the whole world.  

Some sites did not even do that much.  They only listed the most popular alcoholic drink in the UK or the US.  I suppose for some people the country they live in could be considered the whole world. How would I know though if there has been no survey?  Perhaps that would be an unrelated survey. Perhaps that is another philosophical subject to ponder.

Perhaps the real meaning of all of this research and introspection is that the real answer lies within me, within my own judgment. The faraway being has not spoken to me again as I have sat here and struggled mightily.   I feel that I have no choice but to go within to find the answer I seek.  I have lost faith in the internet.  The being from far away has not reached out with any kind of guidance.  I have even begun to doubt my ability to conduct research on the internet.

I am now going to give my answer.  The most popular alcoholic drink in the world must be beer.  I cannot believe it can be anything else.  How could it be anything else?  People will drink beer before any other alcoholic drink.  It is much cheaper than anything else.  It is always refreshing.  There are so many varieties of beer.  The internet is incorrect.  Yes.  The answer is beer.

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