The New Normal of Packaging Industry beyond COVID-19

As the packaging companies arise from the COVID-19 crisis, they need to settle in their focus and advance their game, while following the current changes in the new normal of packaging industry beyond COVID-19.

While everyone is trying to adjust their lives in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis has been causing various market disturbances. These disturbances will have both short and long-term consequences for the packaging industry globally, which creates $900 billion a year.

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The leading changes after the pandemic include dramatic shifts in customers’ channels, new or amplified concerns related to hygiene and consumer-safety, extremely unpredictable prices of raw-materials, raised of single-use packaging prohibitions, and the disturbance of quite a lot of end markets. For instance, in the beauty and health market, various brands have been improving their soap packaging boxes to present the most hygienic presentation ever.

They need to balance their sustainability goals with strict hygiene supplies, level up their e-commerce performance, and strive in a brand new customer scenery while also facing solid cost pressures. Thus, it is normal to presume that the existing crisis to restructure the current megatrends in the packaging industry.

Redefined Sustainability

Before the pandemic, sustainability was top of mind for the packaging value chain, mostly in accordance with regulatory and public concerns regarding single-use packaging waste. The governments in many countries were moving speedily to tackle down the issue. Thus, both packaging companies and retailers were creating bold commitments to both progress the sustainability of packaging and reconsider their packaging systems.

However, sustainability has taken a back seat to concerns about hygiene and customer-safety issues, which have become higher priorities today. Keeping this in mind, how will the sustainability agenda shape the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis?

The answer is quite simple, sustainability should be redefined alongside hygiene and consumer safety concerns. In fact, the present enhanced focus on hygiene and customer safety is likely to become an element of the new normal and a high priority for both customers and packaging companies. For example, we can see how many brands have been delivering their soap packaging boxes wholesale today which made from eco-friendly and hygienic materials to ensure their customers.

Higher E-Commerce Demands

The higher e-commerce demands come along with the need for packaging to be tested in preventing product damage, enhanced for e-channels, and tech-enabled for filling speed and productivity. In the beauty & health market, for example, various world-class brands have been using safe ink for their custom printed soap packaging boxes, making sure that their soap products are not harmful to be used.

High-Cost pressures

Customers today have turned out to be more pessimistic or unsure about the pandemic’s lasting effects. In fact, about half of US consumers are being very careful about spending their income. Furthermore, high-cost pressures in the packaging industry are expected to increase as customers shrinkage their packaging budgets. Consequently, to keep their plants cost-competitive, packaging companies must evaluate and take advantage of cost-reduction prospects. For example, many custom boxes such as custom soap packaging boxes have been adjusting their packaging materials to present Eco-friendly, cost-effective boxes.

Final Words

In order to adjust with the new normal after COVID-19 pandemic, the packaging companies should be able to modify their packaging style, elements, and material. Even the printing style used for the boxes such as printed soap boxes or other custom printed boxes should be of high-quality by considering the customers-safety concerns. Only by adjusting with these mega trends, the packaging companies can strive for their business and maintain their reputation in the market.

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