The Top House Extensions Manchester Trends to Follow

Are you planning to enhance your space and add that extra bit of spark to it? Well, by following the top house Extensions Manchester trends, you can certainly do so!

If your lounge doesn’t seem to be spacious enough or you just want to add a little more space to your property or you want to boost its value; a house extension is the best bet for you. It is similar to breathing a new life to your home. You can not only add space to it but also change its overall aesthetic and make it look much more prettier and eye catching.

Enhance your Living Space with Top House Extensions Manchester Ideas

You need to be very mindful when planning your extensions in manchester. There is a lot to consider and many times, people have no idea about how an extension takes place and this leads to a disaster in the end. You can obviously hire trusted and reliable house extension Manchester services to ensure that you get the best. But being mindful about what you plan to do with it, is still very important.

Thus, we have summed up some extension ideas for you right here.

1. Utilization of your Garden Space:

If you are wishing to add more space to your home, then using your garden space is the best idea. You can create a home theatre or your home office there too. Due to Covid, we have been spending a lot of time inside our homes. Working from home has become a norm now. And a home office might just be the right thing for you.

If you don’t want to cut your garden space short, then you can easily arrange an outdoor eating space in your garden. Thus, if you are planning to sell it daytime in the near future, then this extension will pay off wonderfully.



2. Kitchen Extension:

Another great idea for extensions in Manchester, is to extend your kitchen. It is one of the most essential spaces in your home and any investment in it will pay off amazingly whenever you plan to sell your house. Your kitchen should be cozy and warm, being welcoming to your family as you all have to sit and eat there. Reflection of that mood is really important and can enhance the space really well too.

If your kitchen is quite small, you can extend it and add a proper dining area to it. Adding bi-fold or sliding doors to this space, sectioning the dining area from the kitchen is a great idea that sets the transition just perfectly.

Extensions Manchester

3. Living Room Expansion:

If your living room is a little tight and you want to make it more spacious, then you can invest in this extensions Manchester idea. Consider extending your living room and it will not only add value to your property but will also make it cooler and warmer for your family. You obviously won’t be able to make an entire room out of it. But with a few spaces to spare; you can extend your living room beautifully. With the help of professional house extensions Manchester services, you can get wonderful designs and ideas about how space can be added to your living room effectively.

4. Sunroom:

Who doesn’t love a sunroom? Especially during the winters; a sunroom is the best thing to have in your house. And let’s not even argue about the tons of value it adds to your property. It is one of the most opted for ideas for house extensions in Manchester. It is a luxury, leisure space that allows you to relax after a long and tiring day at work. Or just sip on your tea in the morning or do your yoga, in peace.


House extensions in Manchester are a tedious journey. But it is extremely rewarding. You not only get extra space in your house but you also increase its value two or even three fold, depending upon what you choose to extend and how. Make sure that you choose the right Builder Manchester for managing your house extension as it is not an easy task and an experienced company is always the best choice to make.


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