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The U-Turns of Life & How They Change Everything

Since I had started working directly after A levels, I could not go to college or university and had to work to support my family. I worked multiple jobs and learned a lot in life, before finally settling down with content writing. As exhausting and frustrating content writing is, the benefit of working with it is that you develop researching and writing skills and you learn how to frame your arguments better.

Fast forward to a few years later, I finally managed to gain admission into college and resume my education. Initially, I was too freaked out because I had not been in touch with education from a long time. However, I gradually realised that I was understanding all the stuff pretty well thanks to my practical exposure and could even provide buy an assignment uk based to students in my class. Gosh, who knew that the U-turn that my life was taking was simply taking me one step closer to my destination!

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