If you have found your dream home and the seller has accepted the offer, it’s great news! However, getting too excited and avoiding a home inspection can cause serious troubles later. Before you finalize the deal, it is important to find a reliable home inspector to make sure you’re making a wise decision. Smart home buyers always include an inspection in the purchase agreement. This helps them understand the real condition of the house they are considering purchasing. Without a home inspection, you may end up paying thousands of dollars for a home without realizing that there’s a serious foundation or roof problem that needs an expensive repair.

When it comes to home inspection, finding a reliable home inspector is as important as finding a great house. Only certified and experienced home inspectors can perform a detailed inspection that covers all major components in the home. The right professional will provide a comprehensive report about the current condition of the property and potential repairs/replacement needed. This professional will carefully check electrical, plumbing, foundation, roof, and all other major components to prepare a report that can impact the decision-making process. Considering the significant role performed by a home inspector it becomes crucial to hire a qualified professional.

How to Hire a Reliable Home Inspector?

Make sure to avoid hiring a professional referred by your real estate agent because that could cause a conflict of interest. Real estate agents get a commission on closing the deal. A negative home inspection report can be used to negotiate for a lower price and may even cancel the deal. To avoid this, a real estate agent may refer their own inspectors who get paid for a positive report to finalize the deal. So, the best way to find a genuine home inspector to get an unbiased report, make sure you do some research. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a home inspector.

Qualifications & Credentials

When looking for a home inspector, you will come across several professionals offering this service. But to shortlist the right candidates, check their qualifications and certification. You should look for a local home inspector who understands the geological conditions, hazardous building materials, and local building codes. Always choose a licensed inspector with related training and industry experience. The inspector should also have the experience to evaluate the condition of different types of buildings such as single-family homes to apartment condos and townhomes. The best home inspectors are also affiliated with some home inspection associations such as the National Association of Home Inspectors. Membership of relevant organizations proves that the inspector is engaged in ongoing training and has up-to-date information about industry practices.

Get Sample Reports

To understand the level of services offered by the professional, request a few sample reports of previous jobs. A careful examination of past work can help you understand the level of work expected from the inspector. The best home inspectors provide detailed reports with all information presented and explained clearly. When looking at the reports, check whether the inspector has written notes and explanations or simply tick the check-boxes. A comprehensive home inspection report with pictures and a clear explanation indicates high-quality services. Compare sample reports of at least three potential candidates and compare their work.


The website of home inspectors may look very convincing. But even if you are satisfied with the sample reports and list of services mentioned on the website, do a little more research. To get a complete idea about a professional, find out what their real clients have to say. Review sites such as BBB, Yelp, and Google provide reviews of past clients that help users find out more about a service provider.