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Tips and tricks to manage your cloud kitchen

The concept of cloud kitchen or delivery-only restaurant is gaining traction. According to Redseer estimates, the number of cloud kitchens in India is expected to grow at a rate of 50-60%.  

5 tips to manage your cloud kitchen

Manage orders centrally – 

When you operate a cloud kitchen, you receive orders from multiple sources such as websites, apps and third party food aggregators. Managing orders manually leads to chaos and delay in processing. The ideal solution is to employ a modern day restaurant POS system such as inresto POS that accepts orders from different channels.

Implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – 

To optimise your food delivery service and increase efficiency, have an SOP in place. A restaurant inventory management system can be of great help in streamlining procurement and minimising wastage. Have a website and app of your own and get listed in third party food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato.

Efficient employee management – 

The staffs should be in position to handle the huge volume of orders during peak times. Deliver proper training sessions and provide adequate guidance and support to your staff members. Ensure that the delivery staff and the drivers are well versed on the delivery routes. Optimised routing leads to quick deliveries and improved customer satisfaction.

Explore the benefits of automation – 

As swift delivery makes a huge difference, make use of technology enabled systems such as Kitchen Display System (KDS) and cloud kitchen software. It facilitates better co-ordination and brings clarity in the roles and functions.   

Offer excellent customer service – 

Provide your delivery staff with insulated food bags that help maintain the temperature of food items. Seal the food containers properly and follow the packing procedures before delivering to the customer.  

Parting Words 

Cloud kitchens are here to stay, and cloud kitchen software can make a huge difference to its functioning. The above tips and tricks will come handy for you in improving efficiency and streamlining your cloud kitchen operations. 

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