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Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing Campaign in 2021

Switching to or going big on digital marketing is one of the principal ways businesses are striving to deal with the pandemic-driven losses. As people have been spending more time at home, their mobile and laptop screens have become their sources of information on everything, including brands. This calls for a stronger push to digital marketing efforts in 2021 so that the campaign results in greater reach, better impact, and improved ROI.

Here are a few ways to create a powerful digital marketing strategy in the coming year.

  • Use data for targeted personalization

All these years, digital marketing agencies posted content for mass consumption, which means that based on Google search queries, content marketers posted content to provide answers and expected their target customers to visit their website while searching for answers. However, the trend changed in 2020 and is going to pick up vigorously in 2021. Now is the time to leverage new technologies like the AI to know your customers better, and then offer them your products. This would ensure that the company communicates about its products to the consumers right when they need it, which in turn, is more likely to increase sales leads and conversions.

Marketers should send personalized messages by understanding analytics, which includes data related to demographics, past behaviour, affinity categories, and in-market segments.

If it seems too daunting a task to cover all your target customers at once, then divide your site visitors and customers into groups based on their purchase behaviour patterns, and start sending them the right content that offers them a solution to what they are looking for.

  • Target all levels of the sales funnel

Oftentimes, digital marketers push the same content and sales pitch for all types of visitors/customers. Well! This hardly works when the thrust is on personalization, as discussed in the point above. Experts in top digital marketing agencies in Mumbai and other major cities advise to adjust the message and its presentation, that is its layout, design, and even the language based on the visitor’s journey. Even if you are able to attract a visitor’s attention through riveting captions of your content, it will convert to sales only when the rest of the content and its delivery match the visitor’s expectations. Otherwise, even if your content ranks high on SERPs, high bounce rate or low average session duration will remain the same.

  • Incorporate video content

Seth Godin once said, “marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell,” and sharing your brand stories through videos is a massively engaging way to eventually drive sales. Incorporating videos in the digital marketing plan not only helps sell your product but create a story that renders a more defined personality to your brand. The trickle- down effect then leads to being able to reach more consumers, without looking too desperate to sell your products/services.

  • Do not undervalue text-based content

Written content is still the number one way to attract customers online. Visitors and customers use keywords to search for products and services, and like always, it makes great sense to include those most searched keywords in the blogs, articles, ebooks, etc. that you post on your website. Even those users who search for content through voice recognition apps prefer written content first. Similarly, all video content should have a description with keywords used organically. Some content marketers also post the transcript of the video and insert keywords or hashtags to reach the target customers. Further, Google’s BERT and other updates on natural language processing for better and quicker search results reiterate the significance of well-written content, useful links, and page speed to get a higher rank on SERPs.


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