What is Manhua?

A term used to refer to a line of comic books published in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  Initially, manhua was known as an art form such as metaphor, image transformation, etc., with the purpose of describing life.  They are then developed into paintings to convey a message or celebrate something better.  Gradually, it developed into a work of art and was loved by many readers.

Top 10 free online Chinese Manhua websites
There are so many free online Chinese Manhua websites to read. Here are the top 10 websites which are suggested for you!

1.            Freecomiconline.me
Freecomiconline.me is an authorized manhua, webtoon manhwa, comics website, which is created by a group of people. English-speaking countries are their goals which they are passionate about bringing Chinese entertainment and culture to.
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2.            Readfreecomics.com
This is the best place for reading manhua, best manhwa and free manga!
They try their best to give the best quality and try to be the foremost platform which publishes new chapters.

3.            Webtoon.uk
This site includes many genres and manhua, webtoon,free comics which come from many other countries like Japan, Korea, China….

4.            Lightnovel.mobi
This website is known as the best manhua , best light novel, and free manhua and free manhwa.Many Chinese light novel, manhua, animation and other famous original content are included in this site.This site provides many genres, comics, information,,… to the users.

5.            Freenovel.me
This site includes more than 10000 free manhua, webtoon comics, novel updates covering many genres, allowing users to read freely.

6.            Freewebtooncoins.com
There are worthy collections of manhua, manhwa comics, graphic novel on this great site.

7.            Manytoon Comics
This site was created in 2018, which was best known as the platform of webtoon, manhwa 18+ contents.  Along with its app Manytoon comics, it is an original in Korea.

8.            Manhwa.info
Manhua, manhwa comics are regularly updated. It is the best manhua websites and easy and free to use.

9.            Manhua.uk
Known as the first manhua comics platform in China, there are more than 30000 cartoonists, 480000 comics for above 100000 fans.

10.          Yaoi.mobi
More than 100000 manhua and yaoi comics series are updated on time in this site.