In our today’s digital world keep a track of your locations is so easy and in some cases, it’s very important like you are in a difficult condition somewhere and need help from others. However, there are many people who don’t want to keep track or share their locations. But considering the positive side, you should use any system using what you can keep a track of your locations and share with friends, family, and co-workers when needed. Here below, we have listed the top 3 location sharing apps that you can try out to find a suitable one.

So, let’s have a look …

Mylo – Location Share with Digital Code

Mylo Location Share
Mylo is our first pick on this list – the latest location sharing app that uses modern Google Map’s digital code technology to define a location. It’s free, safe, secure, and efficient. All you need to create an account and add your location and get a code to share that with others. You can even find any location via any code getting from someone else. It’s an amazing way too to discover new places and share with others. As well as, it would be a great idea to create a new service where using Mylo you can reach a person or a place easily to deliver his service. Overall, Mylo is quite an all-in-one location sharing solution for Android users.

Download Mylo Location Share App on Google Play

Life360 – Family Locator & GPS Tracker for Safety


Life360 is a popular and well-known location-sharing app used by millions of users. The app is available for both Android and iOS so it’s a good solution for everyone. But when the family matter is your top priority, you should try it. However, you need to subscribe choosing from a couple of different subscriptions but it has a 7 days free trial to try out. Along with real-time tracking and a built-in chat feature, it always alerts when people leave or arrive at places like home, school, and work. It has some unique features too, like phone theft coverage, crime reports, etc. Obviously, a must-try app when it comes to finding an ideal location sharing app.

Download Life360 App on Google Play


Glympse - Share GPS location

Glympse is another free location-sharing app that you can try. It makes it easy to share your location using GPS tracking, so you can share your location anytime you want with any of your family, friends, or co-workers! The location sending feature of this app is called Glympse and you can send a Glympse to someone so they can see where you are. As well as, you can also receive Glympses from others. The most interesting feature is that you can use it to set up events or reunion party so you can see everybody together in one place. As a free location sharing app, Glympse is great to have around. But always make sure you have a good Internet connection otherwise it may not work right.

Download Glympse App on Google Play

So, what are you waiting for? Try the apps to share your location with friends, family, and co-workers easily and efficiently.