From ordering grocery to looking for life-partner, there’s an app for that; searching for jobs is no different. You don’t need to go through newspaper listings or any other ways. All you need to choose a modern job search app that helps you stay on top of your job hunt, being connected always, even while on the go. But this can be difficult to pinpoint which one you should start with. So, here below we’ve listed the top 5 best apps for job search online to find your dream job.

Now, let’s find out a suitable one for yourself …

1. StaffMerge – Connect. Merge. Work

StaffMerge is the newest job searching platform with modern features and brilliant technology that already got a lot of attention online. The mission of it is to connect employers with job seekers from more than 30 countries in an effective and efficient platform, making it easier for both. Using resumes, video introductions, video Interviews, and direct messages connecting and merging employers and job seekers was never been easier. Once the job seekers have connected and merged, then it is time to WORK, mutually benefiting both. Super easy to use, just connect, merge, and work! As a job seeker, you should try StaffMerge and it’s always amazing testing something new! Isn’t it?

2. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn isn’t just a great social network, it’s more than that when it comes to search for your new role. For truth, it’s a very powerful job search app. Once you set your profile as “open to job opportunities” (only visible to recruiters) and set up job-search alerts, LinkedIn will instantly notify you about all the posts that meet your criteria and past experience. You’ll find that notifications in your InMail box.

To keep your job hunt one more step ahead, you can search through roles filtered by job title, pay grade, or company. But if you want even more information like salary insights and how you compare to other applicants, go and sign up for Premium offer. The interesting thing is that you can enjoy the premium offer for free for the first month. Overall, a great way for networking, apply to new jobs, and find new contacts straight from your phone, anytime from anywhere.

3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is another favorite website for job searching, if you like the website, you’ll love its app too. Using the newest mapping technology the app help you discover jobs within a mile of your present location. To take advantage of it just hold up your phone vertically and the app will find jobs all around you in the augmented reality mode.

Wherever you go, you can instantly access to search millions of job postings and apply them through the app anytime. For more accurate results, the app allows you to search by salary, education, qualifications, and experience.  You’ll even get automatic notifications when your application will get viewed.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a comprehensive job search tool with effective advice that comes with an app to help you get where you want to be in your career. It offers a ton of insight into jobs. Using it, you’ll get access to millions of job listings, the database of company reviews, interview reviews and questions, CEO approval ratings, benefits reviews, salary reports, office photos, and much more. Just set up push notifications and get all the latest job postings in your inbox.

5. Hirewire

When you’re out of work or looking for a new job fast, Hirewire is a suitable application for you. Because it aims to get you a job within 24 hours. That’s really so helpful. But instead of uploading a resume, you have to build an interactive profile for employers to check out. It seems time-consuming to complete the whole profile but the app also has built-in tools for scheduling interviews and video/text chat with local business owners. So, if you really are struggling to find a local job fast, then Hirewire is worth a download. Perhaps, you could find a job soon.

So, try the apps above, I hope you’ll find your dream job soon. Best of luck!