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Top 5 Best High-Paying job vacancies in uk For Students

job vacancies in uk, If you are a student then there are too many ways to earn money while studying; we all know that every student wants to make some extra money and live a better student life. 

Other than this, the employment is only the way to earn money and add some additional skills and experience into your CV; this thing will definitely help you stand out in the competitive job market.

But the main question is what the best job vacancies in uk for students? So don’t worry, in this article. We are going to tell you about the different jobs that you can do if you are a student in the UK.

Hospitality And Events

It doesn’t matter that you are working in the different types of festivals, gigs, and other events. The jobs in hospitality are the best for the students to find the amazing work for them.

It all depends on the work’s position. And you can go for the bar work, waiting/waitressing, organizing the different types of events, cleaning, and catering. You have the opportunity to select the job vacancies in uk for yourself.

What Skills Do You Need:

For this job, you need too many skills. Including communication skills, best customer service skills, well dressed, hardworking, and too many other skills.

How Much Do You Earn:

If you are going to work in this field. You can earn hourly, and the money you earn depends on the work. 

However, in the best-paid job vacancies in uk, you can earn up to £12 an hour or sometimes you can earn more.

This job is a perfect option for those students who don’t want to miss out on the big events.

Bar Work

If you work in the bar, club, or pub, then you have to service the different types of drinks, snacks, and other things to all customers.

Other than this, you have to make payments and serve the meals to the customers. The bartender’s other duties include cleaning the tables, washing glasses, and assisting different customers with the queries and their questions.

What Skills Do You Need:

For this job, you don’t need any specific qualification, but you must be over 18, the other skills needed is you must have some experience to face the different customers.

Besides this, you also need communication skills; you must have a good personality and the ability to deal with difficult customers.

How Much Do You Earn:

You can earn in this job per day the money you earn is £50-60, and it doesn’t include any tips.

It is the best job vacancies in uk for students who are night owls. Other than this, you can check out the

On-Campus Jobs

Too many universities that offer the different positions you can earn with the help of these jobs like library work, events support, and position in anything from admin and other types of jobs.

What Skills Do You Need:

This job doesn’t require any special skills, but most of the universities have their own roles, and there is enough competition

You must be hard working and have the ability to solve different types of problems.

How Much Do You Earn:

This thing will depend on the university and the job type; you usually will earn up to £50 or £60 a day.

Temp Work

Most of the time, the temporary workers are always needed in the customer service, in the admin sales, and involved in the different types of organizations.

This job is the perfect way to earn money, and the duties include answering the different phones and greeting the clients to data entry, filing, and sales.

What Skills Do You Need:

For this job, you must be hardworking and have flexibility with the working hours; other than this, the IT experience is also valuable.

How Much Do You Earn:

You will earn up to £12-15 per hour in this job.


In this job, you have to work with adults, teenagers, and all ages to provide decisions and education on different subjects. 

You can do this job face to face or do this online, which is the best and easiest way to earn money as a student.

What Skills Do You Need:

It is the best job vacancies in uk for students, and for this job, you must be studying a degree or have a degree in those subjects you are tutoring in.

How Much Do You Earn:

In this job, you can earn up to £20 an hour, but most of the time, your making will depend on the level of experience and the subject.

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