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Top 5 Trending Property Management Systems for 2021

A property management system (PMS) is an application that helps in hotel booking management and administrative tasks. The most critical roles involve front-desk services, bookings, channel control, housekeeping, rate and possession management, and payment processing. Moreover, Property Management System (PMS) software mainly manages booking and monetary transactions, it may enable you to handle housekeeping and do human resources management as well. In general, Property Management System helps the central processes in a hotel linked to internal and external services.

In the 1970s first hotel property management system was introduced. But, still now not every hotel has started to use it.

As of now, hotel property management systems are used by only big hotel chains and small hostels. With property management systems, hotels can track the booking status of rooms and control bookings. However, their functionality doesn’t end here. Via Property Management System, you can control back-office processes, meal and drink services, and track room occupation rates. Let’s take a look at the most leading Property Management System.

Top 5 Leading Property management systems


A flexible and scalable property management system for the hospitality industry is provided by RMS Cloud one of the leading software company. RMS always remains at the forefront of technology. It encourages accommodation businesses to increase income and streamline operations through property management, online bookings, channel management, business intelligence, yield intelligence, and more, freeing up time for staff to attend to guests’ needs.


Frontdesk Anywhere provides a complete PMS solution to run chief aspects of the business. Booking management, customer interaction, standard and customizable reports, income and reputation management, point-of-sale, and credit card processing all the services are provided by Front Desk Anywhere. A pooled inventory pattern is featured by Frontdesk Anywhere’s PMS for increasing online sales with two-way connectivity to OTAs, GDS, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and various other Internet booking engines.

The software comes with a commission-free Internet booking engine, and appointments across channels are automatically transferred into the system with all channels kept up-to-date. Frontdesk Anywhere is combined with 3rd party industry partners, including revenue management, POS, eConcierge, and eReputation providers, and has over 95 payment gateways worldwide.


You can save your money by eliminating capital expenditures for property technology by using CLOUD PM, by enhancing your working capabilities and reducing pricey on-property hardware demands. Single or multiple properties can be managed from any location, killing the need for on-site IT resources and servers. Real-time visibility and a statistical summary are provided by the dashboard into guest activity. Flexible rate plans with monthly, day-of-week and day-of-stay are available with rate configurations.


OPERA combines numerous functionalities into a single platform. it is a cloud-based property management system. In addition to the core functionality of property management systems are such as room appointments, rate management, check-in/check-out. OPERA incorporates integrated channel and rate management with group travel functionality to manage more complicated requests.


Cloudbeds’ Property Management System is very easy-to-use and totally integrated. Your everyday operations are streamlined with one powerfully single system.

Drag-and-drop calendar of cloud beds helps you to reduce manual duties and save time. Your availability will be updated automatically everywhere with a click. You can decrease costly manual mistakes with more automation.

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