Do you love to watch movies and tv shows? If you are, of course, at first you choose, next watch. To make that easier, you can use a simple app on your smartphone instead of searching online or visiting different websites. And, here in this post, I’m going to share the top 3 apps for accurate movie and tv show recommendations. Using these apps, you can easily discover thousands of popular movies and tv shows to find the most accurate movies and tv shows based on your taste and mood.

So, let’s have a look at these amazing movie and tv show recommendation apps.

1. Mr. Groovy – Movie & TV Show Recommendations

If you want a quick recommendation list of movies or tv shows, you better try Mr. Groovy at first. With beautiful designs, easy to use UI, and other cool features, this application is extremely useful to discover and find movies and tv shows according to your preferences.

Simply download the app, open it, edit your preferences from discover option, and voila! You’ll get a list of movies or tv shows based on your taste instantly. You can also create and manage your own watchlist, can know some basic information about movies – movie plot, release date, crew’s list, and more. Overall, what can I say about Mr. Groovy – it’s simply the best movie and tv recommendation app for Android.

Download Mr. Groovy for Android

2. Taste – Movie & TV Recommendations

Taste is one of the most popular apps not only for finding the movies and tv shows that match your taste, but also for getting personalized recommendations and daily updates on what trending & streaming, finding what to watch next by genre, actors, by tv show channels like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, and more.

The recommendations on Taste come from the collective people who are similar to you with similar tastes. And the app personalizes ratings and reviews based on your preferences and taste. So, you’ll get the most accurate and authentic recommendations always.

Download Taste for Android

itcher – Movie & TV Show Recommendations

itcher is another best movie and tv show recommendation apps that generates its results based on your individual taste and mood by using the power of its community. With its database of over 4 million titles, it provides recommendations in less than a minute.

Start with unlocking your first recommendations by rating only 5 items in a single category to discover new movies and tv shows immediately. If you are looking for a movie or tv show to watch with your partner, a friend or even the entire family? itcher can help you with that too allowing you to link your profile with your partner’s or friend’s profile to get recommendations for movies & tv shows you can enjoy watching together. There much more cool features in it including information – from ratings & reviews to casts, trailers, movie news, showtimes in cinema, and more, custom lists, a cool recommendation feed, following others, various genres & categories, etc.

Download itcher for Android