Top engineer of dyanamic automotive industry Mr.Muneer lyati:

                            Muneer Lyati is a man who has  big dreams and objectives. He has gained quite lot of experience performing at many companies included Al Jazeera Vehicles Company which may be a well-known company. Performing at several places has given Mr. Muneer many skills like working struggling and therefore the ability to satisfy tight deadlines.

Engineering intrest since school life;

                          While at school , Lyati studied engineering with vehicle and engine as his major. He has put his degree to great use as he aims to supply the simplest service to customers and make sure that they buy the simplest engine that’s out there within the market. Today, we encounter a vast number of individuals who consider only benefitting themselves at the worth of other’s loss.

                         If you attend a mechanic or a corporation together with your car that features a problematic engine, likelihood is that that you simply are going to be sold off an engine at an unacceptably high price and therefore the quality remains not up to the mark. This is often what Lyati is out there to finish and bringing the simplest quality engines to people, engines that might benefit them for as long as possible.

Lyati’s purpose was not to earn money but to bring improvement in automobiles;

                      Lyati’s main focus isn’t making money, it’s never been. He believes he has the duty to customers to offer them the right inspection of their vehicle in order that they can find the answer to repair it together. Mr. Muneer has worked at many firms a number of which are well-known like Al-Jazeera Vehicle Company and bin Laden Vehicle Company.

Working there has given him not just experience, but the power to urge the work wiped out time, even struggling . Being able to figure , knowing there are tight deadlines and other people expecting things from may be a tough job however Lyati did them effortlessly sort of a leader, confident and determined.

                    These leadership qualities go way back to when he was the secretary of the engineering students association where he managed the association, was a part of the discussion, and even wrote down the minutes to offer to the opposite members.

He has represented students as a pacesetter against the administration. Working at multiple places and being the secretary of an association has allowed him to urge out of the temperature that each one humans have and be social. It’s no easy task to manage an entire team of scholars and handling clients at work. It requires a special skill not everyone possesses. Having the ability to speak to the purchasers what his ideas are and taking note of their issues and problems isn’t every person’s cup of tea and lots of even hand over .

Additional courses;

Along with all the superb skills that Mr. Muneer has, he also took up courses to find out English, computer-related content, divemaster, leadership, firefighting, principles of effective supervision, OSH professional, IOSH management, and whatnot. You name it and this man has done it! To get further information visit the website

Muneer as author of automotive industry;

In his debut book, “A Layman’s Guide to Automobile Maintenance”, he examines numerous routine car maintenance procedures.

He also wrote a book about regular maintenance for vehicles light maintenance. His book’s ISBN is 9789779903460.  According to him, hybrid electric vehicles can save fuel because they run on electricity rather than  gasoline, but traditional automobiles waste a lot of it. This will result in the conservation of natural resources and contribute to environmental sustainabili.


Muneer lyati achieved a science award by working in the automotive industry.