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Top Instagram Fashion Influencers in the UK to Follow

As time is passing, Instagram is becoming a go-to place for things related to Influencer marketing. All this happened due to its ability to boost engagement on this platform. 

Decide on the level of engagement 

Influencer marketing aims to reach to a larger number of people, bring more leads, and engage the audience around that brand or product. 

Your influencer should have a reasonable number of Instagram followers in the UK, but it doesn’t mean the stress is on the number only. The most crucial factor is the level of engagement it can bring. 

Set milestones to analyze your performance

Setting up goals and milestones keeps you on the right path. It is an excellent way to judge your performance. Make key performance indicators for your Instagram influencer marketing strategy. 

But what is the point of these KPIs if you are not using them to measure what goals you achieved and what is remaining? Analyze them periodically to fluctuate the intensity of your efforts.

Communication is the key

Communicate with your influencer what you want to achieve with this campaign. Make him/her understand your needs and requirements and take them on board. The lack of communication of ambiguous goals may not help you in achieving your targets.

After knowing all these necessary steps, you are ready to start looking for the top fashion influencer on Instagram. In this article, we are particularly looking at influencers from the UK as it is one of the fashion hubs around the globe.

Susanna Lau, @susiebubble

Her Instagram is full of cute photographs. Her daughter is accompanying her sometimes too. With 501k followers, she is one of the influencers killing at the competition in this category of influencers. 

Her Instagram is full of fashion inspirations, some bold, while others are subtle. She looks like a fan of colors. You also get a glimpse of her personal life on her Instagram account. She is passionate about bringing untapped talents to the forefront with 

Lindsey Holland, @ropesofholland

Lindsey is the next on our list of top Fashion Influencers in the UK to Follow on Instagram. Her looks are more on the casual side of style. Her wardrobe is full of pastels and nude shades. Her Instagram is full of everyday fashion inspirations.

You will find several candid photos on her Instagram. She gathers a tremendous amount of engagement on her posts, making her one of the most suitable candidates for the influencer’s job.

Alex Stedman, @thefrugality

If you are working on a tight budget but can’t compromise on your style and looks, Alex has all the tips and tricks ready on her Instagram profile. She is managing her life yet is not ready to compromise her sense of fashion. 

Keep your bars high with Alex. She is currently expecting a new one in her house, but still, she is not missing a beat when it comes to style. She is a real inspiration to follow, keeping in the budget.

Laura Fantacci, @laura.fantacci

She is a London based fashion influencer on Instagram. she was a fashion editor before she started her attention on her Instagram profile. 

Her Instagram is full of chic collections. Her life is whole of activity, and she does not shy away from sharing it on Instagram

Her styles are well blended into her indoor and outdoor life. She is committed to showing the face of a kind that never goes out of fashion.

Yanin Namasonthi

Yanin Namasonthi is a clothing influencer based in Soho, London.  Her life is full of activity, and her dressing and styles complement her training. 

She has collaborated with brands like YSL beauty, H&M, Nike, and many others in the past. Her Instagram is a collection of her original styles. 


Instagram is an excellent source of getting inspiration from people around you as well as across the oceans. When you feel like lacking a sense of style, go through these influencers’ profile, you will get all the necessary fuel for styling yourself.

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