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Top Tips On How To Recover Data From Hardware RAID Easily

RAID helps to improve the transmission rate and provides fault tolerance, so it is widely used throughout the world. A lot of enterprises choose RAID to ensure the security of important data. Yet, data loss still happens on RAID disk. And according to statistics, among all the disk array environment data disasters, RAID information loss accounts for a large proportion.

No matter which the reason is that leads to RAID data loss, the first thing people will think of would be RAID data recovery. Today, we’ll put our focus on how to recover data from hardware RAID. People who are suffering from RAID data loss dilemma are strongly advised to read this article to figure out how RAID file recovery can be finished and how RAID data loss issue is generated.

After reading the following chapter 1, you’ll be able to handle with RAID data loss problems independently under the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery – a piece of RAID recovery software enjoys a high reputation. And in chapter 2, we’ll mainly show you two things: one is the differences between hardware RAID and software RAID and the other is the reasons for RAID data loss.

Chapter 1 – How to Recover Data from Hardware RAID

Summary: in this part, we’ll offer detailed solutions to recovering RAID data with MiniTool Power Data Recovery – which is a powerful and easy-to-use recovery program. This will be helpful enough for even inexperienced users to recover data successfully.

You ought to get MiniTool Power Data Recovery to scan the RAID disk without any delay once your important files/folders are lost due to the following reasons:

a). Careless deletion: files are deleted from RAID disk by mistake and then cleared from recycle bin. One or more partitions are deleted accidentally during disk management.

b). Partitions damage: a partition may be damaged due to virus attack, system crash or other reasons. And the file system of it may become RAW sometimes.

c). Reformatting: reformatting a partition or the entire disk will destroy all data inside, so you’ll also lose access to them after a wrong formatting action.

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