Unknown Netflix Originals You Should Binge-Watch

Unknown Netflix Originals You Should Binge-Watch

If you don’t have Netflix, or you’ve never heard of it, chances are you are living under a rock that’s keeping you from one of the biggest streaming giants. But there are no judgments here, of course, as Netflix only started becoming popular in 2007, albeit it being around since 1997 as a movie rental store. Fast forward to today, the company is a force to reckon with as it has around 209 million subscribers who are paying using their virtual prepaid cards and other forms of payment to stream their series and movies.

It’s all worth it to pay for a Netflix subscription fee, though, as you get access to films and series from all over the world. In the last few years, the most notable films and series were also Netflix originals, so you’re definitely getting what you paid for if you subscribe to the streaming service.

If you’re the type of person who would typically have a Netflix and chill type of weekend, then you’ve probably exhausted most of the popular films and series Netflix has to offer. Fortunately, there are still some hidden gems out there waiting to be discovered.

Binge-Watch Worthy Netflix Series Not Many People Know Of

Netflix is the most popular streaming service alongside HBO Max and Hulu, and with this status comes several series that have made Netflix more relevant than ever. These series include Squid Game, The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, Ozark, and more. But while these series are what made Netflix the streaming giant it is today, there are some lesser-known TV series you should check out as they are totally worth your time. Here are some of them:

  1. Katla

If you’re familiar with the Stanislaw Lem book Solaris, which spawned two film adaptations by the iconic filmmakers Andrei Tarkovsky and Steven Soderbergh, you would be interested in an Icelandic folktale version of it. Katla is a mysterious drama with fantasy and science fiction elements created by Baltasar Kormakur and Sigurjon Kjartanson. So far, it has one season with eight mind-bending episodes.

The plot centers on the lives of a handful of people who still chose to live in Vik after the non-stop eruption of the nearby volcano named Katla. A year after it first erupted, strange things happen as some Icelandic legends involving “changelings” appear more than just the content of some past folklores.

The series is full of strong and slow-burner episodes that will make you binge-watch the entire series in one sitting. It has twists and turns that are both captivating and unpredictable, and it will make you wish for season 2 to come sooner.

  1. The OA

When Netflix acquired the rights to The OA, cinephiles, who were already familiar with the star and writer of the series Brit Marling and her previous indie science fiction films, were surprised. It was even more surprising that there wasn’t any marketing or major announcement before the series dropped on the streaming platform, which makes it seem that Netflix was taking a huge risk, and to many, it was a risk that paid off. Even if The OA is a divisive show, many critics and fans consider it the most metaphysical and unlike-anything-you’ve-ever-seen-before kind of show.

For starters, the plot revolves around Prairie, who, as a young girl, loses her sight due to an accident. She grew up and went missing for seven years, only for her to return with some self-inflicted scars on her back with a new name she wanted to be called — The OA. And if that wasn’t weird, she could also see. Still, she never discloses to anyone what happened to her during the years she was gone except for five strangers she chose to start a cult-like gathering with.

If you’re into a genre-bending, puzzle-like kind of show where you would get more questions than answers, then you should check out The OA. There is nothing like it on TV, and fans worldwide agree and have been protesting for years since Netflix decided to cancel the show before a third season could be filmed and released. For what it’s worth, the two seasons are still a good watch, and a show as beautiful and strange as The OA, you can get your hopes up that the story will be continued in some way in the near future.

If you’re interested to know some more Netflix series that not many people know of but are binge-worthy, then check out Sweet Tooth and Travelers. Both are good, and they seem too good for mainstream audiences, as well.