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What a Smart Watch and Why We Need It if There Is a Phone

A smartphone is a useful gadget, but you cannot keep such a device in your hands all the time. It is quite large and usually lies in a bag or on a table. That is why there is a companion gadget known as a smart watch. They connect to your smartphone and help you receive important notifications at any time. For example, when you do sports.

Main Functions of a Smart Watch

You can call such a gadget a stand-in for your smartphone, and in some models the functionality can be even wider.

When a smart watch is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, its screen displays a variety of notifications. These are:

  • Information about calls, SMS and emails.
  • Messages from social media sites.
  • Calendar reminders for events scheduled in your calendar.

The watch can also be used as an alarm clock or to track information that smartphones most often do not provide: physical activity and health status. These include, for example:

  • An alert for elevated heart rate.
  • A reminder that you have been immobile for a long time.

Moreover, depending on the specific model, the gadget can be used for GPS navigation, contactless payment for goods and services, remote control of the player or smartphone camera, voice communication and many other tasks.

An important feature of smartwatches is personalization. Manufacturers usually offer a variety of screen designs, so your watch face will look the way you want it to. Also, many models come with different colors and types of straps, so you can wear the same gadget with a sports strap for a workout, and with a laconic and solid metal bracelet for a meeting at the director of the company. And you can change the screen and straps just because you want to.

Applications for Smart Watches

On smart watches, you can install apps, like on your smartphone or tablet. With some devices, you can even turn on notifications by the best sportsbook in order not to miss the best offers. Programs for the watch are not universal, because such gadgets are created on the basis of different operating systems. First, these are iOS from Apple and Android from Google, and Samsung promotes its own platform called Tizen.

The most in demand are the following types of apps:

  • Programs for sports, fitness, activity monitoring and health tracking.
  • Internet browsers.
  • Players for playing music.
  • Calculator.
  • Voice recorder.
  • Flashlight.

What Smartphones Can Smartwatches Work With?

Smartwatches work only with smartphones that have a specific operating system installed.

The Apple Watch is only designed to connect to iPhones starting with version 6s. Models from other manufacturers are primarily designed for use with smartphones with the Android operating system, and the OS version must be at least 4.4.

Rare companies offer smart watches that are compatible with smartphones with other operating systems, such as Windows Phone. You can look for suitable devices in the catalogs of manufacturers such as Pebble and Fitbit.

There are special applications that allow you to connect a gadget to a smartphone with another operating system. But they do not provide one hundred percent compatibility, and most likely, you will not be able to use all the functions of the gadget.

Can Smartwatches Work Without a Smartphone?

These devices are created with the expectation that they will be used together with a mobile device. But there are models that are actually a miniature smartphone. They have:

  • A SIM card slot.
  • Everything you need for voice communication (a microphone and speaker).
  • GPS-module.
  • Camera.

The owners of such smartwatches can safely leave the smartphone at home.

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