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What Are Cool Work Opportunities IT jobs in Poland | Fratres

1-  Network Security Engineer:

IT jobs in Poland is a multitasking job that requires knowledge regarding telecommunication and programming. A network security engineer works with many cybersecurity agencies.

Skills Required:

Security operations. Firewall administration. Identity and access management. Endpoint security

Salary: $1054, 909 /year

2-   Java Developer:

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. It is an object-oriented language used in various platforms. Especially to make android and desktop apps. A java developer earns a lot from different sources.

Skills Required:

Strong core java developments experience. if you get an IT jobs in Poland than good working of CI / CD principles. Thorough understanding of computer science fundamentals. Experience of Graphic User Interface (GUI)

Salary: $ 95k / year

3-   Graphic Designing:

A graphic designer uses his skills to portray a message in the form of graphics. It is a growing field in Poland. A graphic designer is one of the most saturated services on freelancing platforms. It includes making a poster and logo designing. 

Skills Required:

Excellent IT skills. Attention to detail. Use of photo editing software. Master of illustrator. Familiar with HTML. Creativity. Innovative Ideas

Salary: $ 65k / year

4-    Android Developer:

Android apps are used everywhere in Poland. If you can develop an android app, you can earn a lot of money. Google has developed an android studio. It is extremely user friendly. IT jobs in Poland however a person with no IT background can also master making android apps within six months.

Skills Required:

Master in Java language. Expert in Kotlin language. Best in Android Studio. Learn HTML language. Develop logical reasoning skills. Innovative skills. Master in Constraint Layout 

Salary: $ 100 k / year.

5-    IOS Developer:

IOS developers can make applications for iPhone operating systems. iPhones are used all over Poland. IOS developers earn more than an android developer because you make applications for the public. That deserve well and can buy the application.


UI design experience. Master in Swift programming language. Master in Cocoa Touch. Networking skills. Spatial Reasoning 

Salary: $ 110k / year

6-   Big Data Engineer:

Big data engineers manage big data infrastructure. It is usually mixed with data scientists. But both have different roles. This job IT jobs in Poland requires real-time data processing. Data is the basics for the existence of any IT company. Big social media platforms are all about managing the big chunk of data. Big data management is an elite job in the field of IT.


Coding, Machine Learning, Data Modeling, Design big applications, Basics of front end, Basics of back end.

Salary: $ 90 k/year

7-   Data Base Manager:

A database manager makes new databases for companies. on the other hand he also does the maintenance of different databases he is working with.


SQL (Sequential Query Language), Object-Oriented Language. Data Entry, DataBase.

Salary: $ 65 k/ year

8-   IT Manager:

IT has now become an essential part of every organization. The IT manager manages the IT sector of the company. It could be a website of the company, digital records, or maybe data management.


Analytical Skills, Leadership Skills, Time Management Skills, Coding, Basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Interpersonal skills, Deep learning of IT field.

Salary: $ 140k/ year

9-    Web Developer:

Every large and medium scale business has its websites. It is a cool IT jobs in Poland. A web developer builds the websites. He develops its outlook and makes it responsive as well. After buying a domain for a website, we need to build it. How will the website look? How will it work? This is all done through web development.

Skills Requirement:

Expert in HTML language. Master in CSS language. Master in JavaScript language. Basics of front end programming. Basics of back end programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills, Responsive design skills, Interpersonal skills

Salary: $ 78k / year

10- Python Developer:

A python developer uses python language to develop different websites. Morover use this object-oriented language in the field of Artificial Intelligence. An AI era is around the corner, and the python language is the basic tool. In Poland, we have seen the use of AI on a large scale. It is one of the coolest jobs in the field of IT.


Master in Python Language, Data science, Deep learning of HTML, Deep learning of CSS. Basics of front end, Basics of back end.

Salary: $ 85k / year

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