Dermal fillers have a number of benefits.The injectable substances are used in the periorbital area, the face, lips, and hands to treat wrinkles and folds caused by aging or facial expression. Lip, forehead, and tear trough fillers are the most common, however, they are also used to shape the nose or chin, reduce scaring and plumb cheeks. Dermal fillers offer several advantages, such as:
Promote Collagen Growth
Promoting collagen growth which can prevent future signs of aging from developing. The treatment can lift sagging skin and reduce deep creases that develop around the nose and mouth which appear as a result of smoking or sun exposure. In addition to this, dermal filler treatments may minimize fine lines by approximately 50 – 60%.

Reduce Scars
Reducing scars and other undesirable marks such as age spots -Hyaluronic acid is one of the most popular types of filler materials due to its capacity to rejuvenate the skin by restoring volume. It can also increase collagen production which makes it a great choice for people who are suffering from wrinkles or folds that have been caused by aging rather than facial expression.

Fast Treatment
The effects of dermal filler treatments are instantaneous which means that you don’t have to worry about taking time off work in order to have them done.

Effective Results
The treatment offers long lasting and effective results. One session of treatment is enough for up to 9 month for some patient. However it can be different patient to patient. But for effective results you have to choose some best dermal fillers specialists in your area, because a specialist only now how much filler is needed for each treatment area.

Non-invasive Treatment
It is one of the best and non-invasive treatment that is why completely safe for almost everyone.

Minimum Pain
It is an almost painless procedure. If you are never scared from injections then no pain to you. Because this is injectable treatment so you will feel a pain of injection which is nothing as compared to plastic surgery.

No down Time
There is no downtime associated with these injections and as such, you can go back home immediately after treatment without having to worry about suffering from post-treatment side effects such as bruising which can be experienced after laser resurfacing procedures.

With minimal Side Effects
However, there are some potential risks involved when using dermal fillers. Although very rare it is possible for certain types of tissue to become hypersensitive to the filler material which means that you need to be aware of how your body will react. Some of the side effects associated with dermal fillers include discoloration, swelling and pain around the injection site. The treatment can also cause redness or itchiness in addition to slight discomfort due to this being a surgical procedure although most people are able to return home quickly after being treated.

Final Thoughts
Dermal fillers are an excellent choice for people who are looking for wrinkle reduction treatments without experiencing post-treatment side effects such as bruising, itching or redness. Although there is some discomfort involved in the process, most people find it tolerable and are very happy with their decision when they see results after being injected with their treatment. Dermal fillers are excellent options for many people who are looking for treatment however they should not be used if you have an infection or skin condition in the area where the injections are being applied due to the risk that this will result in additional complications.