What are The Most Popular Diamond Ring Styles?

Every year, new types of edgy, alternative and forward-thinking engagement rings make their way onto the market. These rings can be anything from whimsical floral engagement rings to engagement rings created from unconventional materials such as wood or meteor rock. In spite of the fact that individuals are thrilled by these designs, in the end, the majority opt for more conventional rings. Classic settings, such as those found on straight engagement rings and conventional halo engagement rings, continue to be the most popular kinds of engagement rings that we provide year after year. The reason that classic engagement rings have stood the test of time and remain so famous is that they are not often overly complicated; rather, they emphasize understated designs that are accentuated with diamonds in ways that are timeless.

The engagement ring is a diamond halo.

This style can’t help but attract people’s attention because it is so daring and gorgeous. It is made up of a big center stone that is surrounded by one or even more rows of pavé or micro-pavé set diamonds. In most cases, the smaller diamonds or gemstones are precisely set directly next to one another to create the appearance of a glittering halo around the center stone. In total, the design makes the central stone appear higher than the average profitability and adds an additional sense of grandeur to the piece.

Bezel setting

Due to the fact that it has a more contemporary appearance and is more suited for people who lead active lifestyles, the bezel setting is currently the 2nd most common type of ring setting. The diamond is not held in place by prongs; rather, the bezel setting encircles the diamond, often known as the center stone, with a thin rim of metal that has been specifically designed to hold the stone in place securely. You can sell jewelry online without any problem and get the best deal. 

With this bezel, the diamond is kept in a position far more firmly than it would in a ring that relied on prongs to do it. Because of this, the bezel setting is one of the engagement ring styles that has the highest level of durability.

There are two different kinds of bezel settings: full and partial. A full bezel setting entirely encircles the diamond, even though a partial bezel setting leaves the sides uncovered. It is an excellent option for individuals such as nurses, teachers, and others who are searching for a ring that will not catch on things and will appropriately safeguard the diamond.

Straight Engagement Rings

Straight engagement rings are the ideal choice for conventional brides who are looking for a lot of sparkles in a more understated design. This set comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but a traditional straight engagement ring is really just one shimmering step above solitaires. They actually look like a solitaire, although they have a single row of diamonds going down the shank’s shoulders instead of a prong setting, so they are considered to be an upgrade. You can easily sell jewelry to pawn shops or buyers online. 

The purest kind of gold

Whenever looking at an engagement ring, the shape of the center stone is generally the first thing that catches your attention. Given that it is one of the characteristics that best define the individual, it should not come as a surprise that it is frequently the focus of attention. However, regardless of whether you choose to believe it or not, the type of metal used in the engagement ring has a significant influence on how it appears to the naked eye. In comparison to, say, a band made of platinum, one made of rose gold, for example, can produce a warmer glow within the center stone. 

But the findings of our research indicate that white gold is the metal that triumphs above all others. The majority of respondents (45%) indicated that their wedding band was made of white gold, making it the most popular choice for engagement rings. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this particular fashion is currently dominant, its popularity is gradually waning. In 2021, less than half of rings will be made of white gold, which is a decrease from 2017, when white gold rings made up 61% of the market. There are a number of jewelers where you can sell jewelry for the best price. 

The ring’s setting is the element that serves as the structure’s basis throughout the complete ring’s design. The selection is heavily influenced by the wearer’s individual sense of style and preference, in addition to the lifestyle of the person who will be wearing the item. While some designs have more complex settings with high-set stones, others are more suited to people who lead active lives or who work with their hands. Also, take into consideration the frequency with which the ring will need to be cleaned as well as maintained, as different settings call for varying degrees of upkeep.

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