What Are The Two Types Of Research

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It is a requirement of every college in university for the student to conduct research-based on their specific specialization that they had selected at the beginning of the program. They have to research at the end of the program in their last two semesters where they have to complete writing their dissertation as per the requirements of the college and university. It has never been easier for the students to meet these requirements as this is the first interaction are students with such a huge amount of words. Research is descriptive writing and it requires many analytical and critical thinking skills that are a must. Most students confuse at the beginning of the research as they don’t know what to do and what is the first step to start research. Writing 10000 to 15000 words is never easy for anyone. Professional dissertation help can lead students to understand the demands and the basics that are mandatory to conduct an effective research in order to complete the required program.

It Is essential for the students to commit some specific time and show their interest in the process of dissertation writing for the positive and desired results. It is a misconception of students that it is like all other academic writing activities however it is not at all. It demands to have many things and many days to complete writing an effective dissertation. Your dissertation is always meant to be a contribution from your side in the specific field of the academic and to be an effective contribution you must meet the standard of the custom dissertation writing

What Are The Two Types Of Research?

For every student, it is essential to conduct research on any of the type of research. Basically, there are two types of research, one is quantitative and the other is qualitative research. Each one has their own objective and own ways. However, both meet their objectives in the best possible way and give the right and reliable results if you follow the procedures effectively and efficiently. Let’s see these two types of research in detail.

Quantitative Research 

Quantitative is one of the type of research which is mostly involved in the numeric values and help students to find the facts and the logical reasoning using the figures. The first process is to collect the data once the data is collected it is then transferred to the statistical software which helps to get the results as per the provided hypothesis. This statistical software is reliable and gives the right results. It is one of the ways to measure the variables and to reach the logical evidence that supports the selected topic of the dissertation writing.  Sampling, interviews, document review, questionnaire and observation some of the ways for the data collection method. The quantitative research method is normally used for the large data samples and for the large population.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is a type of research which is some like exploratory research. Qualitative research is more like research which includes the problems and the solutions to them which have never been discussed before. It focuses on the current problems and talks about the untold and unknown reasons and their opinions. It includes different techniques of collecting the data which includes observations, visual analysis, and interviews. Focus on the open-ended questions with various ways of collecting information. There are two methods of collecting the data for qualitative research one is a one-on-one interview and the second is a focus group.

Benefits Of Research

There is no doubt that many benefits are associated with the research and this is the reason that it is one of the basic requirement of every college and University. Let’s see some of the benefits that help students to prosper in their academic and professional life.

Development Of Skills

Many skills are developed throughout the process of dissertation writing as it helps students to exercise many things that students have never done before. Throughout the procedure of conducting research, students develop many of the skills that help them in their academic and their professional life as well. We all know that research requires analytical skills as it is totally based on the analysis of the provided claim. Analytical skills help students to analyse each and everything and to make the right decisions at the right time. Another example is critical thinking skills. It is developed throughout the process of dissertation writing will students have to think out of the boundaries while staying relevant to the selected topic of the dissertation. Reading and writing skills are further enhanced as you have to write more than 10000 words for a dissertation or as per the requirement of the college or a University.

Reach To Maximum Knowledge

It is essential for every academic writing activity to have complete knowledge about the selected topic or the entire subject. It is impossible to complete your dissertation writing without knowing about the topic on the subject. It helps you to go through many relevant and reliable information and to enhance your knowledge in the best possible way. This can be beneficial for students in all aspects of professional life.