A blog is an online journal where you can publish your thoughts and share them with the world. Most blogs are structured around a specific topic and can inform, entertain or educate. Developing a blog is a challenging but rewarding experience. You need to find an interesting topic, write engaging content, and promote your blog to gain a foothold in the online community. If you want to get recognized for your work, you also need to find a way to monetize your blog.

What is a keyword?

Keywords, or focus keywords as some call them, are the words that best describe the content of your page or post. This is the search term for which you want to rank for a particular page. So when people search for that keyword or phrase on Google or another search engine, they should find that page on your site.

Keywords, sometimes called SEO keywords, are terms and phrases used to create and develop online content. From a potential customer’s perspective, these are the words typed into the search bar that best describe the product or service they’re looking for or the question they’re trying to find an answer to. For marketers, the keywords you carefully select to include in your content tell search engines directly what information your web pages contain and provide a way to rank and recommend your site.

Keyword Research

When developing your blog, you should consider selecting relevant keywords to use in your keyword research process. Search engines use keyword research to find your website so they can rank for relevant searches. A great starting point for keyword research is to write your own keywords. Look at the words you use and choose the ones that best reflect your thoughts on the topic at hand. For example, if you’re writing about fitness, use words like “fitness” and “exercise.”

One way to choose the right keywords for your blog article is to use Lookkle’s keyword research tool. This tool will allow you to correctly choose which keywords are the most suitable for your blog article. 

For example, if you need to create an article about fitness, the best thing to do is to enter the word “fitness” into the Lookkle keyword research tool search engine. This tool will provide you with a series of keywords, which can be ordered according to their number of searches in Google, the most successful keywords within the major search engines, with less competition, that is, you can get the best keywords related to the topic you want to discuss in your blog article, and that you can include within it, to achieve better positioning in Google.

Search engines penalize websites that rank poorly for keywords

Search engines use various algorithms to rank websites in their databases. Quality content that gets enough social shares to boost its ranking is an important factor in determining a site’s ranking. As a result, website owners who integrate social media into their marketing strategies are more likely to see successful results from their efforts. Additionally, maintaining a social media profile on all topics helps to raise awareness for all content creation. Regular updates help ensure that old pages don’t disappear from web search results. Submitting all required updates will help improve your site’s ranking in web search results.

The ranking of a web page is a way to know if a strategy to position a website is giving good results.

Being well positioned in the main search engines provides many advantages. Having more visibility, increasing the number of visits and the conversion rate. To know what is the ranking of a web page you can use a tool, among many on the internet, as the Ranking Checker Tool.