Amazon is the most promising online selling podium for both amateurs and already established brands. The sellers can leverage Amazon’s incredible reach across the Globe to upsurge their product sales through Amazon consultants who provide the best Amazon PPC management services, product launch strategies, campaign management, and Amazon Product Listing optimization services for your account.

There are mainly two retailing platforms by which you can become a successful seller on Amazon. 

Amazon Seller Central

It is also known as third party (3P) where you can register either professional or individual seller accounts. Here the merchants can sell their products directly to their customers through Amazon itself.

Amazon Vendor Central

It is also known as first party (1P) and it’s an invite only selling platform by Amazon for brands who are in great demand or who are doing exceptional with their products. They will then directly sell to Amazon, which makes them straight away Amazon suppliers. Amazon would first send a purchase order of the products that they want to buy from the vendors, who in turn send them back the inventory and Amazon pay you for that order. It’s entirely Amazon’s responsibility to then sell your products to its customers without the vendors’ involvement.

Advantages of Amazon Vendor Central

  • It gives the brands and businesses a smart opportunity to sell their products on Amazon without bothering to deal with the hassles of selling and dealing with the customers.
  • Vendor Central allows you to create A+ content for your product which helps you in modifying the layout of your product listing making it more attractive to the users.
  • Increased sales because the products seem more trustworthy to the customers as they are sold directly from Amazon.
  • Amazon Vendor Central allows you the access to Subscribe and Save program, where the users can subscribe your product for automatic deliveries every month or whatever time period they choose.