What is an electric car?

An electric car is a car that has an electric motor powered by a battery , which must be recharged . Different battery systems have been tested and it seems that it is the lithium-ion battery which is the most efficient since it seems to have a better energy capacity, it is lighter and recyclable.

On the other hand, this new type of vehicle shows a new characteristic, that of not making noise at all, whether inside or outside. Furthermore, the hybrid car, which is also a clean vehicle, runs on an electric motor, but this is supplemented by a thermal system that runs on fuel. This increases autonomy by compensating with these two types of energy.
The hybrid automobile is then another alternative to participate in sustainable development and respect for the environment. Buy Electric Ride On Toys

There are several types of electric cars:

  • All-electric cars with battery and electric motor. Their large capacity battery must be recharged when stationary on a fixed socket. Their still limited autonomy currently makes them suitable for urban use . It is one of the first vehicles for our journeys of tomorrow. It provides a significant carbon footprint, no noise and no emission of hydrocarbons. Regarding the charging time, for a domestic charge the full charging time is estimated at 8 hours for an average autonomy of 150km. The charging station can recover 80% of the battery charge in just 15-30 minutes. The initial purchase price is still higher than that of a conventional car.

  • Hybrid cars : Two engines which act to animate the vehicle. The electric motor to drive the car and the heat engine to recharge the battery. The hybrid battery generally does not have a lot of autonomy, the size of the battery pack used only incorporates a very small amount of energy of 1kwh. So do not expect to drive more than 50km / h and travel more than a few km. This type of car is linked to city driving.
  • Rechargeable hybrid cars : They work like a conventional hybrid, they have a heat engine, and an electric motor of much larger size and therefore of a large capacity (between 8 and 12kwh). What allows to have a greater autonomy than on a classic hybrid car. You can travel between 20 and 60km with a top speed of 120 or 130 km / h. To recharge it, you can use a household outlet or a charging station.

-Cars with range extender : The vehicle is propelled by an electric motor powered by a small gasoline engine to recharge the battery that provides energy. It allows consumption on the road of less than 2 liters of petrol per 100 km and this system has great autonomy. There is therefore no need to recharge the battery, you simply have to fill the small engine with petrol. It is a new concept, we do not yet find models with this type of engine on the French market but it would not be long!

It is obvious that the electric car is a vehicle that has a bright future ahead of it. In full expansion, manufacturers are doing their best to improve it for the years to come. Thus, the prospects for progress concerning this means of transport make it possible to lighten the vehicle and make it more efficient.