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What is Demo Account in Binomo?

Binomo is one of the most widely accepted trading platforms on which currency trading rates, stock costs, indices, goods, and various resources can be traded.

They aim to become an innovative small-investment trading platform. Binomo offers an easy and supportive trading platform where an exchange can start with a low investment. For both experienced and novice traders, Binomo is most notable for its commitment to low commercial specifications and a range of other attractive attributes. The organization has various subsidiaries present in all countries across the world. This website is going mainstream for its excellent programs, accessibility, and several user feedbacks. Binomo has several types of accounts through which traders can invest, such as regular account, gold account, VIP account, and demo account, all having varying deposit amounts and offering a wide range of benefits.

Binomo Demo Account

The binomo demo account is another function launched by the broker subsequently to assist investors on their particular platform. A demo account is a precedent of an original trading account. It is recognized as the perfect area for planning before it shifts to the actual live trading account.

The demo trading account is an avenue to practice all the features available on the website in detail without spending any money. All of the instruments, research resources, and practical technologies are available on the binomo demo trading account. The trader will comprehend how trade happens, but without being too tight, they will not use cash that allows them to experience trade. It is perhaps the best training before the real trade starts, all for free, that can ever be offered to a newcomer.

Binomo Demo Account Registration Procedure

That is an easy-going process to establish an account with binomo. After enrollment, a binomo demo account opens automatically. 

  • Go to the webpage of the Binomo platform.
  • Conform to the instructions for document layout. Provide your email account and confidential info. It is necessary to confirm your account and to secure it. 
  • Press to acknowledge the terms and legal department of the Customer Agreement.
  • Choose the currency for your exchange account (U.S. dollars or euros or local currency).

Your demo account will be activated with the brokerage directly after that. Once again, you do not need to make any deposits or installments on the trial account. Without any complications, the consumer will now have complete visibility to all functionalities and the trading site for planning.

  • Instantaneously after enrollment, the account will be rewarded with 1,000 virtual units of the fund.
  • As long as you want, you can go ahead, continue your rehearsal, and evaluate the platform.

You can now exchange joyfully in binomo on your demo account. You should switch to the real trading account once you have learned the trading and find out how to use all the instruments.

Offers in the Demo Account

Many novices out there want to explore the monetary resources of the site. First evaluation on the demo account is therefore imperative because if precautions are not taken, trading can be a dangerous platform. A wrong estimation will result in a significant loss, even if the risk is restricted to the number of predictions taken. It reflects a major edge in the industry over many other monetary statements.

  • Understand how to use the trading platform.
  • Practice the trading in detail.  
  • Evaluate new techniques or strategies.
  • Strengthen confidence.

The Demo Account Refill

At first, the demo account will be rewarded with 1,000 units of virtual currency. On the off chance that you have attempted some strategy in quite some time and the amount decreases to 500, you can restore them.

Withdrawing and Depositing

Unfortunately, the income generated from the demo account cannot be withdrawn. The balance for the demo account is electronic cash. It is formulated to educate the concept of trading, not to procure or lose. You have to construct a transaction first in the real account to pull back the funds.

Obstruction of Time

Besides, the demo account can be used as long as you need to be confident of being on the trading platform. The possibility of resource mishaps is invalidated by this exchange exercise with a demo account, but theoretically, the experience gathered in web-based trading might be less good.


The binomo demo account is important for inexperienced investors to enable them to understand how the business operates. To make a seamless transition from the binomo demo account to the real economy and accomplish the first transaction, it will not take them a long time to figure out how the platform operates. It will help to remove the tension connected to making a few initial transactions. The novice will become familiar with the terminal interface and its features by using the demo account to boost the efficiency of trading and insightful help for the revenue process. Traders will be delighted with this broker and the wide range of useful tools they offer to help investors understand how the business functions. In addition to being a simulator, this demo account is also an auxiliary terminal for testing systems and assessing errors. It can be considered the perfect training method and the initial evaluation of your skills in every situation.

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