Probably you already know about word games. Word games are so popular, fun to play, relaxing, and helpful for brain and vocabulary exercise. From adults to kids, Word Games are suitable for everyone.

But when it comes to specify just one Word game as the best, it’s kind of tough! Because the fact depends on the user demand and satisfaction. The one that I certify as the best could not be best for you.

However, considering a few things we can find out some of the best Word game apps so it gets easy to pick the best one for yourself. The things that we compare are design, UI (User Interface), gameplay, and Languages availability.

Design: Word games are simple that’s why basically they are designed simply, although there should be a few, at least the letters color and board style & background, anything that related to design.

UI -User Interface: The UI is one of the fundamental parts of an app to what the success of the app depends most. If an user finds an app as fast and smooth they stick with that.

Gameplay: I have already told that word games are simple, so the gameplay is, yet challenging when you progress. Most of the time the gameplay is to find hidden words and that could happen in different ways, and that’s the fact.

Languages Availability: when it’s about word game, Language availability is very important. Because word games are played in most of the languages and if we find a word game app that features translation for most of the country languages that would be amazing.

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The Best Word game Apps for Android

Comparing the facts above, here, we’ve come up with the 3 best word game apps that you might consider to play for your brain train and vocabulary exercise. All of these 3 apps are so cool, fun to play, and great for the whole family!

1. MeetWords – Word Search Puzzle

MeetWords Word Search Puzzle

The legendary classic word search game with a new colorful look, and interesting gameplay. Just find the given words from the board and go through infinite word puzzles with 9 different difficulty modes.

This is the only word game app that includes most of the popular World languages including  English, Spanish, Greek, Turkey, Dutch, Portuguese, French, and more! Wherever you live or whatever language you speak in, MeetWords is ideal for you.

Download MeetWords on Google Play

2. Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza is a new type of crossword game with a mix of word search, jigsaw, and trivia. Completely fresh, interesting, and fun to play as well. If you love word challenge with beautiful design and gameplay, you’ll love Bonza

You’ll get a new free puzzle every day, some of them are based on current event and others are designed by the users of the Bonza community. The best thing is that you can even create custom Bonza puzzles by yourself and challenge your friends. A nice and amazing word puzzle game app undoubtedly.

Download Bonza on Google Play

3. Smart Words – Word Search, Word game

If you are so serious in learning and improving your vocabulary especially in English and Russian with different types of word puzzles within one app, Smart Words is here to serve! It features a variety of word games to play such as classic word search, crosswords, fill-words, find words, and more.

With beautiful graphics, colorful words, and background, Smart Words is so interesting and relaxing to play.

Download Smart Words on Google Play

So, now it’s up to you to choose which one is most suitable for you. So pick, download, and start playing your favorite word game.