What Should Be Considered When Buying Cosmetic Products

What to Consider When Choosing Makeup Materials? It is a question that comes to mind of every woman. The wrong makeup materials used by women pose a threat to skin health. Dermatologists underline the use of makeup materials that do not contain chemicals and toxic substances. Surely every woman enjoys wearing makeup. Even in daily life, makeup is among the indispensables of women. Also, if special days are involved, the importance of makeup starts to take place in the first place. Because makeup makes women feel good and self-confident.

Only here, skin sensitivity comes into play. Unhealthy and unsafe makeup materials, which many of us have used recently, threaten our health. In addition, products that are chosen unconsciously in order to become beautiful can disrupt your skin beauty at later ages. Precisely for this, we must be careful when choosing makeup materials to protect our skin health. We should pay attention to whether the products we buy are suitable for our skin type. What should be done to avoid this risk?

1- Test makeup material first

It is useful to buy and use a test product before purchasing these products. If a product does not cause an allergic reaction after 72 hours, it is unlikely that an allergy will develop in the following days, but it may still happen. Especially those with sensitive skin should be careful.

2- Don’t sleep with makeup

The applied products should not remain on the face for a long time. Especially when lying down, it should be washed with a soap and moisturizer should be applied. In order to avoid these reactions, don’t applying excessive makeup, cleaning and moisturizing the skin before using makeup products are also the rules to be followed.

3- Wrong makeup

Using products without any care causes acne and blackheads. It is necessary to know the skin type well, if you have dry skin, use oily products, if you have oily skin, use water-based and oil-absorbing products. It is best to use products that are bought by the recommendations of beauty supply manufacturers.

4- Make up after your skin absorbs the moisturizer

There are also rules to be observed in the use of coloring products such as blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and other products. Makeup materials applied immediately after a moisturizer applied to the face cause unpleasant looks on the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for the moisturizer to absorb. Another important point about makeup is that excessive and water-based lipsticks sometimes cause cracking and drying on the lips. To prevent this, either an oil-based moisturizer should be applied to the lips or oil-based lipsticks should be used.

5- Be careful with the products sold under the name Herbal

Mascaras and eyeshadows are the most important cause of allergic reactions on the face. Reaction to one product may also develop against another product. This indicates that the skin has a low tolerance. Some people with sensitive skin may not be able to use make-up products throughout their lives. An allergic reaction may develop even against products marketed under the title of natural, mineral or herbal products. Most of the time, allergy tests also show that people are intolerant in this regard.

6- Skin that is not cleaned well may wrinkle early

Makeup products left on the skin cause thickening of the skin, premature wrinkles, and enlargement of pores and dull and inhomogeneous color changes of the skin. Therefore, removing makeup with a suitable product is a necessity for the person who wants to make up.

7- Don’t use your friend’s makeup

It is the most important rule to be careful not to use someone else’s makeup products. In this way, there is the spread of personal infectious agents from person to person. Especially if the person has an open wound, the risk of contagion increases. In addition to cosmetics, the common use of agents, such as brush, cotton and sponge used to apply cosmetics by more than one person is a big problem in terms of the spread of microbes between people.

8- Wash your hands

Hands must be washed before cosmetics are applied, and the skin to be applied must be clean. Application apparatus should be disposable if possible, and brushes should be cleaned and changed frequently.

9- Store your makeup properly

Products should be applied according to the instructions for use, their covers should be tightly closed, they should not be kept in a hot environment (especially in the vehicle), and the products that are out of date should be discarded. Products exposed to sun and heat lose their protective substance. This reduces the usage time of the product. It causes early deterioration and bacterial growth.

10- Do not cover your skin wounds with makeup

If there is a condition, such as wound, abrasion, infection, eczema that disrupts the integrity of the skin, it is necessary to avoid applying makeup to these areas. Otherwise, infection may develop or the problem may become more severe.

You should make very careful choices in the products you will use for your hair as well as your skin, and you should not use products that contain harmful active ingredients. You should also wash your face as well as hair every other day with products suitable for your hair type and your skin and support your hair with masks in certain routines.