If There Is Something You Must Take Care Of With Care, It Is The Relationships With The Clients Of Your Professional Office. Communication As A Marketing Tool Is Essential, And One Of The Most Traditional Methods Is Newsletters.

Prepared and sent with a fixed periodicity, the newsletters will allow you to always be in the minds of the clients of the professional office. But nothing will do if you don’t want them to end up in the trash after two minutes and without having paid the slightest attention. Taking care of the content, making it interesting and attractive, will be the basis for success.

The importance of content

According to animated explainer video agency the newsletters must be adapted to the activity of the professional office, with current content and news. The objective is to inform, but also to ‘catch’ the attention and make this communication tool something expected by customers. If you also get it to become a useful instrument for the development or activity of the company, you will have won many points.

Are there tricks? There always are, but the best strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of those who will receive those newsletters. Offer them quality information, anticipate what is going to happen, give answers to questions that may not be asked, but that will soon arise. Staying one step ahead is what will make your professional office stand out.

However, you must remember something important: you can always count thousands of things, but you must select very well. It is not that the newsletters are encyclopedias, but that they interest from beginning to end. What content should you address?

  1. Press summary: the news is important and your clients are interested, but they do not always have time to review everything that is published. Offer them a summary of news that is of interest to them and that allows them to stay well informed. That is one of the basic contents of the daily newsletters.
  2. News: the newsletters of your professional office should offer information on legislative or regulatory changes, on new tax or labor measures and on current aspects in labor and accounting matters.
  3. Comments and useful information: the newsletters are also a tool to comment on judgments, to offer fiscal calendars as a reminder, to reel off the content of rules and laws of interest to your clients, etc.
  4. Incorporations and successes: your clients are interested in knowing well who they trust, that is why newsletters are a good tool to present new signings, to publicize success stories or any other information from your professional office that is relevant.

What else should a newsletter have?

The content of the newsletter of your professional office is important, it is the heart. But it is also important to take care of the skin, the external appearance. Never underestimate a good design. A good structure, with a clean design and fonts that allow a comfortable reading are essential. As it is that the logo of your professional office stands out.

Another fundamental issue is the periodicity, always fixed to retain your customers. You can send daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly newsletters, but remember that the contents must be adapted to it, and also the volume of information they include. Newspapers should be much shorter and more concise than quarterly ones, in which you can include all that information with a more timeless character.

And of course, do not forget the means of getting the newsletters. The most practical is by email in the form of a newsletter, although it is not the only option, you can also publish it on the website of your professional office and even distribute it in print.

Take care of every detail of the bulletins of your professional office, they will be a reflection of the activity of your professional office and a powerful communication weapon. They show the interest you have in maintaining a close bond with your clients, generating trust and prestige.