What You Need To Know When Buying A Private Home

A private house as a permanent place of residence has many advantages, but there are also a number of disadvantages, not taking into account which, you can repeatedly regret in the future.

In this article we will tell you how to choose the right house and what you should pay special attention to. Dream Design Property is a firm that has helped thousands of people to buy and sell their properties safely and hassle free.

Choosing a house

Finding a decent option for a private home can take much longer than finding an apartment. Real estate in the private sector must be carefully examined not only inside, but also outside. Here you should take into account the layout, the quality of building materials, and so on.

Inspection of the inside of the house:

  • Determine if the house has shrunk improperly. You can find out by looking at how the front doors open. If there is a characteristic creak, then it is worth considering.
  • Examine the windows for moisture in the insulating glass units and the absence of drafts from the cracks.
  • Examine the walls and floor. They should be flat and not cold, especially in the winter season.
  • Pay attention to the layout and align it with your family’s needs.
  • Assess the state of communications. To do this, ask to turn on gas, water, heating. Check the water pressure for stagnation in the pipes and so on. Find out about the sewage system and, if the house has a cesspool, inspect it as well.

Exterior inspection of the house:

  • The walls should be thick enough to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • There should be no cracks on the walls. If there is a cladding (siding, etc.), then cracks, even if they exist, will be difficult to notice, which significantly increases the risk of facing problems in the future.
  • The foundation of the house should be high enough, and even better if it is insulated.
  • If there is a basement, it must be dry, otherwise moisture will penetrate into the house. The same goes for the attic and the roof. We do not recommend buying a house during the dry season, at this time, high humidity and a leaking roof can simply not be noticed.
  • If you need a garage or some kind of outbuildings, then consider this point when choosing options
  • Availability of infrastructure and location: shops, school, kindergarten, public transport stop, distance from the central part of the city, and so on.

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The package of documents required for the purchase and sale transaction:

  • Title deed to the house
  • Technical passport
  • Extract from the register of ownership (or extract from the BTI)
  • Passport and identification number of the owner or owners
  • Marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate of one of the spouses, and the like.
  • If one of the owners of the house is a minor, then the approval of the guardianship board of the executive committee is required.
  • State act on land (for privatized land) or certificate of assignment of a cadastral number
  • Expert appraisal of land and house