Where to get reliable cloud services in Thailand?

It may be hard to narrow down which company to opt for when looking for cloud computing facilities. Out of the number of options, it can be hard to pick which are the best ones that cater exactly to your business or technology and the exact requirements that you have.

What to look for in cloud server facilities

Before opting for a cloud service in Thailand, you need to know what the strengths of a cloud server are, that you need to look for in the services that you opt.

The following are the factors that you should be taking into consideration:

1)    Flexibility, which would help you upscale or downscale your resources in accordance with your current hardware specifications

2)    Data protection, which would prevent loss of your data due to any hardware or software failures

3)    Security, which would protect your data from malware and software attacks

4)    High availability, which would ensure the least server downtime and allow you to access your resources at all times

5)    Cost, which you would evaluate keeping in mind the fact that the purpose of cloud server facilities is to ensure that your costs of setting up infrastructure and data centers are eliminated

Reliable cloud computing services in Thailand

Other than Cloud HM that is considered as a leading cloud service in Thailand, there are a number of existing cloud server services, the pros, and cons of all of which you may analyze before you opt for one in order to rent any resources or facilities to cater to your cloud computing needs. You may use a term “cloud server ที่ไหนดี” to search for recommended local cloud service in Thailand. Or you may follow this article. The following are a few of these cloud server service providers:

A plus Hosting

A plus Hosting is a company providing dedicated servers in not only Thailand but also other countries across Asia.

The major plus point of opting for A-plus Hosting is that it offers dedicated servers, which would ensure that the servers are deployed fast and you do not need to wait hours for your servers to be ready. In this way, these servers greatly cater to clients interested mainly in speed and high availability of data.

A plus Hosting promises that you would be advantageous in renting your server services from them because it would save you not only the hardware costs but also the costs that would be required for support and maintenance, as well as the budget for hired professionals you would need specifically for these purposes.

db Solutions

db Solutions is another Thailand-based company providing cloud server services. db Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, which ensures that the company is not only reliable but also brings intelligence and innovation to the table.

The virtualized private clouds also ensure that downtimes are kept to a minimum to ensure optimum business continuity at all times. Furthermore, db Solutions aims greatly at flexibility and scalability to its clients utilizing the Window Azure platform for cloud computing purposes.

Microsoft Azure Services of db Solutions could be a major plus point. This is because the Azure Cloud Computing Services of db Solutions offers safe, secure, and reliable data storage, hosting, and sharing platforms, low-cost ownership, flexible solutions, and also another plus point in the form of access to a variety of Microsoft tools and technologies.

Final Thoughts

While these are just two of the cloud computing providers in Thailand, you may also explore other options such as Server Vala, Aristi Cybertech Private Limited, Vhost Web, and a number of other companies to find the cloud services that best match your requirements.

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