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Why Candles are Important for Both Fun and Grievous Events

There are still candles in almost every home, even if they are no longer necessary for daily life. Perhaps the only object with which we can compare them is the toothbrush. They have surprisingly great symbolic value as an object present everywhere. There are candlelight gatherings just like there are Tupperware gatherings, where handmade candles are sold. Candles are excessively used at events such as Advent, Easter, and Christmas. Also, in non-religious culture. One cannot imagine a child’s birthday without candles. The candle has a symbolic meaning as the light of life. And this is deeply written in our emotional memory. But have you noticed that candles are also associated with the internal feelings of the people?

Candles and Emotions

Candles are kitsch like roses or a sunset. All intense feelings tend to be kitsch, of course. But at the moment when you ask yourself: What can I do when I can’t do anything? So people light candles. It can be seen now once again with the case of the plane that crashed. Candles don’t just give light: they are lit. It is an action in memory of a person and with which they are made present. With the candle, a life becomes present again. Are they kitsch? Yes. But they also carry a deep solemnity. Thus, people express emotions of grief and joy with the help of candles. It is not always but at various occasions, candles are very significant.

Candles at Happy Moments

People are just fond of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries by blowing off candles. They make use of different types of elegant candles to celebrate the event. Everyone chooses the candles that are of their interest and have a perfect appearance. There are also reasons for which people make use of candles at happy moments such as birthdays. The biggest reason for people who have a Greek religious background thinks that their wishes are heard when candles are blown. Moreover, candles give them a feeling of association with the events. Especially, the candle boxes in which they are packed are very impressive. There are numerous reasons for people making use of candles. Above all, people just feel better and joyous when they make use of candles at their events.

Candles at Grievous Moments

There is almost the same reason for the utilizing of candles at grievous moments as for which they are used at happy moments—the fact that wishes are carried through the smoke of candles. If you have noticed that candles give smoke and that smoke does not spread out in the air rather makes a thin fine layer above the candle. The roof or the thing just above the candle also gets blacked out due to such kind of smoke. Thus, the smoke is considered to be carried towards the sky taking wishes of the people to God. But that is just a custom that Greek people used to follow. Today, people light candles in remembrance and showing their love and support for the deceased people. Thus, candles have always been important for people who want to show support to the late loved ones.

Thus, it might be very interesting that both fun and grief moments are celebrated or presumed with the help of candles. Thus, candles are more than a necessity for light. It has a deep association with people’s feelings and emotions.

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