Why Cotton is a Fabulous Fabric for Bedding

Inadequate sleep is a prevalent issue in Australian society, with reports showing four in every ten persons experiencing inadequate sleep regularly. Sleep disorders, hectic lifestyles, work patterns, electronic media, and environments like loud noises, bright lights and uncomfortable bedspreads are the usual reasons for poor sleep. Rough bedsheets and blankets specially made of wool or low-quality materials cause allergies, discomfort and uneasiness resulting in unsound sleep. The solution for this is cotton quilt covers, bedsheets and blankets. Cotton helps people immerse in the oasis of quality sleep and feel rejuvenated the next day.

What Makes Cotton a Desirable Fabric for Bedspreads? 

It is a High-quality Material

Cotton, organic, provides the high-quality material required to manufacture soft and comfortable bedspreads and blankets. One of the reasons is the method of harvesting and cleaning the cotton. Trusted harvesters and manufacturers produce 100% pure cotton without harsh chemicals and use vegetable-based soaps to keep them clean.

It is Highly Breathable

When people fall asleep, their body temperature changes, which results in them experiencing heat, sweat and stickiness. Cotton is a natural and pure material that makes woven fabrics like quilt covers extremely breathable. It means that cotton can absorb the heat produced by the body throughout the night, making the individuals feel cool and dry. Cotton also helps keep people warm during winters as it absorbs and retains the body heat within the sheets and covers. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton provides natural ventilation, resulting in better sleep.

It Is Durable and Sustainable

It is important to consider the lifespan while choosing the bedding. Natural, pure cotton is known for its durability as it can last twice as long as its synthetic counterparts. It means that people need not replace their bedding frequently. What’s more? A cotton bedsheet and quilt cover is not only durable but also biodegradable. They are sustainable as they are made using 100% natural materials. Using cotton bedspreads not only helps a person get quality sleep but also helps them save money in the long run.

It is Comfortable and Soft for the Skin

Natural bedding is one of the best options for the skin as the fabric does not contain harsh chemicals or allergic materials. It makes sleeping a comfortable experience. The softness and the crispness of the bedsheets depend on the weaving of the fabric. It is a great option for those who have sensitive skin and want to avoid experiencing irritation throughout the night as it is hypoallergenic. Lack of itching and irritation ensures better health and quality of sleep.

It is Low Maintenance

There is a myth floating around that cotton beddings are high maintenance and a lot of work. But the truth cannot be further. Most cotton beddings can be washed in the machine on gentle spin. However, it is advisable to not mix the cotton sheets with other textiles to ensure that the colors don’t get mixed up. Cotton does not demand special detergents, and they dry quickly when laid flat.   

It Provides Sound Sleep Throughout the Night

The heavy work schedules prevalent among Australians demand them to have a peaceful sleep at night. During summer and winter, when the weather is extreme, the sleeping experience can be even worse. Cotton, being a soft and light fabric allows for just that. Individuals doze off within minutes and get their required REM sleep for the night. Sleeping on luxurious and comfortable cotton quilt covers ensures that they wake up happy, fresh, energetic, and alert the next morning.